We get no respect...

First fan post here so apologies in advance for what I'm sure is to be poorly worded and even poorlier written :)

Before this series with San Antonio started, I was reading around the different blogs and news sites and apart from BSOTS, Charles Barkley, and John Hollinger, no one was giving this Phoenix Suns team a chance to win this series.  Now, I'm a history buff so I can understand how this would happen, in all honesty, the Spurs have owned us over the last decade..we're the jail house equivalent of holding their inside-out pockets while they strut us about the yard..


Game 1 has now come and gone,  the Phoenix Suns prevailed 102-111 over our "nemesis" the San Antonio Spurs.  My question to this forum, and anyone else who cares to read it, is when are we gonna get some damn respect?  I'm not one to ask for credit when credit is undue, but I'm getting a little bit sick and tired of this nonsense. 

When we beat portland everyone outside of Suns Nation said it was because of the injuries Portland sustained throughout the regular season, and it didn't have much to do with our team just being better.  Before game 1 with S.A. it seemed as though we were the under dogs in this series even though we had a higher seed, (which I don't put a lot of stock in) and after winning game 1, again, it was because the spurs played poorly and we shot the lights out of the gym, which according to PtR, isn't likely to happen again (sigh). 

My question is, how many times does something have to happen before people believe it's not a coincidence?  Even now, the San Antonio faithful are walking around like this was expected, like they expected to lose game 1?!? I was by no means a super star athlete but I did play sports in high school, and I never went into a game expecting to lose. 

Some might make the argument that they're just portraying the bravado and machismo that is to be expected from a team that has won so many championships in recent years, but I don't buy that.  They accuse us of "drinking too much kool-aid", but in my opinion, it is they who should be bursting through brick walls filled with fruit juice proclaiming "OH YEAAAAH!!!", but I digress, I think they've bought into the past hook, line, and sinker...though they would have you believe differently.

I think that the heart of the matter is their coach, Greg Popovich.  I think that they truly believe that this gentleman is infallible, that he always has a "plan", and that even if it appears as though they're losing, they're actually winning because pop is just testing the waters and seeing how his team will react.  Give me a freakin break, it's time to wake up San Antonio, you're not dealing with Vince Lombardi here, and although he has had enough success in the NBA to be considered one of the top coaches of all time, I think we have Mr. Popovich very, very worried.  

In summary, I'd just like ONE San Antonio fan to come in here and say that we have a legitimate chance of winning this series.  In the mean time I'll just sit back and wait for the Suns to wake San Antonio and everyone else up.  Although admittedly, I wouldn't mind if they hit that snooze button just a few more times.






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