Not Suns Related - Talking about Orlando Magic

This one ain't suns related.

I was just watching the scores and stuff and I realized that the Magic have gone through this years playoffs without a loss. Thats 6-0 against playoff teams.


Now, I know they are in the East, where the difference in teams is huge.

The way I saw the regular season in the east and West is as follows. I am just breaking it up into tiers



Tier 01

No. 01 - Lakers- 57-25

Tier 02

Mavericks - 55-27

Suns - 54-28

Nuggets - 53-29

Jazz - 53-29


Tier 03

Trailblazers - 50-32

Spurs - 50-32

Thunder - 50-32


The drop-off between Tier 01 to 02 maybe be about 4-8% - That means, on the regular season. The Tier one team is approx 4-8% better than Tier 02 Teams. Compare Winning percentages between Lakers-Dallas and Lakers-Utah

The Drop-Off Between Tier 02-03 Teams is a 6%. As all Tier 3 Teams have exactly the same season record.


In The East, the dropoffs and differences between these teams is like measuring OCEANS.

Tier 01

Cavaliers - 61-21

Magic - 59-23

Tier 02

Hawks - 53-29

Celtics - 50-32

Tier 03

Heat - 47-35

Bucks - 46-36

Bobcats - 44-38

Bulls - 41-41

You can see the difference, and still The Bulls Managed to win a game against the Mighty Cavs.

The Heat managed to pull 01 against the Celtics, The Bucks Pushed the Hawks to 7 Games.

But throughout all this, the Magic have stayed strong. Sweeping the Bobcats, and 2-0 Against the Hawks.

Even the 04 Celtics have managed to steal 1 against the Cavs at their home.

What I was trying to get to at this point is the fact that if there is any one team to be really WARY of in the East, its the Magic. Of Course, Maybe I'll change my opinion after the Magics BLOWOUT Loss to Atlanta in Atalanta.

The West is still a pot-boiler mix and truly speaking there is no clear favourite looking at those stats. It's anyone's game depending on the bounce of the ball / Ref Calls / Injuries / Or Playing through Injuries Etc. on a given day. (Except of course the Jazz Vs Laker). I still think they might win the next 2 and make it a series.

The Magic are the biggest (Pun Intended) threat in the East. Low-Post Game, Dribble Penetrators / 3-Point Shooters. The have it all and a mean defense to boot.

Kudos to those guys out there. How much do you think we would need to shell out to get D-Howard. Maybe our collective Souls ??? I Ain't willing to do that yet.

Enjoy the Fun. Whopppeee, we are up 2-0 against the SAS

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