WHY THE SUNS ARE LIKELY TO WIN! (Despite the "expert" Kenny Smith & all but 2 of ESPN's "experts" opinions)


First off let me say this: I am sick of people picking on the Suns! YES! I am a Suns Fan, but that's not why I'm upset. Its b/c the Suns have been underrated all year b/c of their underachieveing predecessors. Thru the entire season the Suns were over looked and now that they are in the playoffs (following them, I was sure they would be), they are still being underestimated. I've been reading all these "experts" blogs & picks, about how the Spurs will win (in 5 & 6 which is already closer to impossible) or should have won/played better. The Spurs did play better, the problem is THE PHOENIX SUNS are just BETTER.

SO even though these "experts" will probably never read this, this blog is especially for them. (YES, Abbott, Adande, Broussard, Ford, Rose, Sheridan, Stein, Thorpe, Kenny Smith & John Carroll) This is for YOU!

UNLESS AN ACT OF GOD, NATURE OR COMMISSIONER David "I'll help who I want to win" Stern interferes. THE SUNS are more likely to WIN, here's why:

1. Steve Nash (2-time back-to-back MVP) has lost none of his luster at age 36. He stills commands the best fastbreak and highest scoring offense in the NBA. He can destroy any offense at-will, including the Spurs, with 20 pts & 20 ast. Note: unless he has a poor shooting night which statistically he is not due for in the next 3 games, at the lowest he'll shoot 40%. (Maybe Kenny's hatin on PHX b/c Nash has 8,397 career ast to his 4,073 or is it that he was a below avg. shooter at 39% and Nash is at 48.9% for his career...2 time MVP *weighing gesture* Kenny Smith?)

2. DE-FENSE! The Suns play defense now, thanks to Gentry. "...playing defense is fun..." to quote Amare Stoudemire. Grant Hill...Jared Dudley can both shutdown any of the Spurs perimeter players. (Hill held Ginobili to 2 of 6 shooting in the 2nd half of game 2 & Jared Dudley slowed Parker down the stretch while Nash rested.) Both of these players defended well during the season and have guarded the opposing team's best perimeter scorer. EX. Andre Miller. G. Hill shut him down after game 1 in the POR series. (I actually thought POR would be our toughest series. We won in 6.) Note: Frye amazed me by playing great D on Timmy down the stretch as well.

3. REBOUNDING. This section is devoted specifically to John Carroll (Game 3: Suns vs. Spurs During the regular season PHX averaged 43.0 Rebounds per game. Ok. Good or bad? Doesn't matter, the Spurs averaged 42.8. So, how is PHX a "weak" rebounding team? Unless you're saying the Spurs are weak too.? We've got J-Rich #7 in rebounding guards & #12 in offensive rebs. for guards. G. Hill in the top 50 (forwards) w/ 5.5 at small forward. Jared Dudley averages 2.5 off. and 3 def. rebs against the Spurs in 24.5 mins per game. Oh, dont forget Amare 9.4 a game. PHX, WEAK???

4. B-E-N-C-H. Easy, the Suns have one. The Spurs don't. I'm not saying they will consistently rebound or shoot the way they did in game 2 (Frye 5 of 6 from the 3pt line & Dudley 4 of 8 in FG and 4 offensive rebounds), but they will outplay the Spurs bench and role players.

5. Miscellaneous: J- Rich, if you help on him, you can't help on Nash & Stoudemire, leaving Frye, Hill or Dudley open. THE SPURS CANT SHOOT FREETHROWS (Freethrows win games!) I'm not even factoring in Barbosa or Dragic, who can get Hot at any time. Did I mention Amare Stoudemire? And OMG if Robin Lopez comes back, Timmy will be havin nightmares. But the most important miscellaneous reason is: WE WON GAME 2. I didn't expect it, hoped for it and believed it could happen statistically, but I thought the Spurs would bounce back. THEY DID. We should of LOST that game. The Spurs shot 51% from the field, held us to 8 fastbreak points & 42% FG shooting and forced 14 turnovers. But los Suns grinded it out and WON.We made freethrows, typical 3-pointers, killed the offensive glass and played smart fearless defense.

This proves to me that Los Suns can win with more than pretty offense. Statistically the Spurs will only outscore us 1 out of 5 games. There are a plethera of other stats I'm choosing to leave out here, but if you really want to know, get at me. lol. Remember we are the 3 seed and they are the 7 seed. Thinking the Spurs will definitly win makes your "expertise" seem misguided or just plain foolish. 

Tonight for game 3: Suns 25% Spurs 75%, they are pissed off and at home.

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