Just how good are the Phoenix Suns?


Pictured here is Steve Nash driving for a layup while Manu Ginobili does his nightly flop.

The Suns just took a commanding 3-0 series lead over San Antonio on Friday Night. The question is are they really that good? Most people were picking the suns to either not make the playoffs or get in as a 7 or 8 seed. Well here they are, a 3 seed with a 3-0 series lead in the Western Conference Semis.

One thing I don't think most of us realize is just how much better Steve Nash makes everyone around him look. He does things that get everyone open shots and easy opportunities that you just wouldn't find anywhere else (Well, maybe Amare would be able to find a place, but that's Amare). Without Nash, I'm pretty sure Jared Dudley, Robin Lopez and Leandro Barbosa would just be warming the bench somewhere else. That said, just because Steve Nash makes them better, that doesn't mean that the bench players are bad (see game 3 - 4th quarter for verification).

Next is the fact that our bench is deep. It doesn't matter who is out on the floor, the same result happens and that's exactly waht we want since we don't have the best starting 5. Goran Dragic is starting to run the floor like Steve nash does, Channing Frye is a legitimate deep threat and Leandro Barbosa can get around anyone whenever he wants. Having such a deep bench definitely shows that we are much better team than everyone was predicting at the beginning of the season. With such a deep bench it puts in the ranks of "how good the phoenix suns are."

The Next topic is back on Steve Nash. In our starting 5, I don't think people realize that we have an Ok post presence, one of the best pick 'n' roll tandems in the league, and 3 sharpshooters. Not to mention that J-Rich, Nash, and Amare all can take their men 1 on 1 whenever they want and Hill sometimes can take his man 1 on 1, depending who it is. At the helm of all this talent is the 2 time MVP point guard Steve Nash. For those of you that don't watch the Suns that often, here is a video of his top 10 moments ever.


If that's not enough evidence of how awesome Steve Nash is, I don't know what is. With a guy like that at the helm of this offense, all the defense can do is just sit there and let him pick them apart, or you could just try to take him out of the game.


The violence you saw there was just a demonstration of how much us Suns fans hate the Spurs. Anyway, back to what I was saying... With a guy like that at the helm of your offense, all you really can do is let him pick you apart. This team is a lot more talented than many think, and now it is all but a lock for the Suns to be in the Western Conference Finals when many thought they wouldn't make the playoffs.

The fact is that this is a team that is every bit deserving of a 3 seed and Western Conference Finals apperance at least. This Suns team could be very good over the next few years if we can rope in Amare Stoudemire this summer. Let's just sit back, relax and watch Steve Nash destroy the Spurs D.

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