The Phoenix Suns and their Playoff Path of Destruction



While the players can't get ahead of themselves, the fans can.  Someone in the comments suggested -- quite brazenly -- that one cannot affect the outcome of the game unless that person is actually, phyiscally present.

I think there's only one plane headed toward Phoenix tonight.

Let's discuss the desperation of opposing teams.

Tony Parker was supposed to get an MRI yesterday.  He didn't and he is going to play.  If one does not want an MRI, there is probably a reason.  Why not get the MRI and then decide whether to play?  Why risk long-term health for a chance to delay the inevitable for only one game?

Brandon Roy rushed a comeback in a futile attempt to assist his team.  Now Parker?  Perhaps I have to re-think my beliefs about the French procilivity to surrender.

Bynum is playing through a torn meniscus, too.  Let's see how that plays out in the WCF.  This is interseting, as well, given Bynum's tendecies (at least, percieved tendencies) to take his own, sweet time in returning to play.

Meanwhile, the Suns are slowly, safely and prudently easing Robin Lopez back into play.  Even if they weren't winning, all indications are that they are going to rush him back for any reason.

Not only does this have immediate benefits for this playoff run, but there is the potential -- potential -- that these teams' actions have long-term effects -- for years to come.

This isn't the quick-strike, blazing type of destruction in the 7SOL years.  This is more of a ripping-the-heart out and house-to-house combat type of thing.

Who in their right minds would've thought that Channing Frye would lead the team with 2 flagrant fouls at this point in the playoffs?

I'd also submit that the body blows to Duncan are paying off.  Another 37 minutes and he had double-digits in both point and boards.  Being forced to swith out on Barbosa and Dragic?  At his best, a few years ago, he could not have been overly-successful with this ploy.  Now?  You know what is even better?  No way would Marcus Clanks have given Duncan trouble -- at any age.

No matter how the game starts, the Suns have proven they can win it.  Every Sp*r and Sp*ra fan knows that. 

Like Gentry says, "It's a long game."  It's also a long series.  Although I expect the Sp*rs to stay in San Antonio, isn't it a great, reassuring feeling to know that the Sp*rs are simply physically unable to mount a comeback at this point?

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