Phoenix Suns Need To Better Explain Kerr Departure

[Note by Seth Pollack, 06/15/10 6:02 PM MST ]

We asked for a better explanation and this afternoon Steve Kerr gave it:

"I've got a couple of opportunities ahead of me now that probably were not there a few weeks ago. I had a chance to really sit down with my family, I had a chance to sit down with people in the organization and just kind of assess everything and in the end, this just felt like the right decision," Kerr said.

Original story:

I was absolutely floored by the news the Steve Kerr won't be returning. He gave every indication that he wanted to come back as recently as May 30th. Here's the (short) audio clip of him talking about that:

Steve Kerr talks about contract 053010

The official line is that Kerr wants to spend more time with his family and return to TNT as a TV analyst, which doesn't ring very true.

So far we've heard two other theories:

Twitter / Adrian Wojnarowski: Suns owner Robert Sarver w ...
Suns owner Robert Sarver wanted GM Steve Kerr to take a paycut in new contract, league source says.

Report: Steve Kerr out as Phoenix Suns' general manager - ESPN
A source told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher that the move has to do with Kerr feeling unable to adequately do the job with the financial limitations imposed by Sarver. The Suns have both Amare Stoudemire and Channing Frye as potential free agents this summer.

and also heard from KTAR's John Gambadoro, who is well-known to have close ties to Robert Sarver, with a slightly different take:

Twitter / John Gambadoro: Contrary to Yahoo report S ...
Contrary to Yahoo report Steve Kerr was not asked to take a paycut. He was offered a 3-year deal with NO paycut but decided to return to tv

Personally, I think that if this really is about Kerr wanting to "spend more time with his family" then they need to do a lot more to demonstrate that:

Shocking News: Steve Kerr Out As Suns GM - SB Nation Arizona
If this is Kerr's decision, the Suns need him to say that in no uncertain terms. It's not enough for Sarver to tell his side of the story on this one.

If this was Kerr's doing and he was stepping aside to give David Griffin the job, then I would be good with that. But that's obviously not the case or this entire thing would have been handled much differently. The fact that Kerr is in Phoenix right now but not talking about this speaks volumes.

Three coaches and three GM's in 6 years is a horrible track record for Sarver. The ball is in his court, not only with the fans but with his veteran players (Nash and Hill) and his well-loved coach who was firmly in Steve Kerr's camp.

So putting all that together, it is a sad day to be a Suns fan. There is nothing positive in my mind that comes from this. Nothing.

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