Phoenix Suns 2010 Offseason

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The Phx suns were a couple of games short of making the Finals. For a team that wasn't even supposed to make the playoffs that was pretty good. With the Lakers being crowned champions full attention is now on the NBA offseason. For the suns it has now become more than just about Amar'e as a couple of the front office staff has been lost to sarver or as people like to call him “saver”. However, through all this turmoil there is hope. The size of th lakers was the suns pain in the back, but with a few minor moves this team can come back next year as an even better contender.


The biggest concern is bringing back Amar'e. We have all witnessed him become the sole creator of “bully ball” and mature this past season, now he needs to mature to where he understands that the MAX will not allow the suns to get the touch ups it needs to get over the hump. Amar'e cannot be replaced by anyone out there. Bosh and Dirk cannot own the paint the way Amar'e does so quit with the “we'd be a better team w/out him” chants. You need a paint presence and that is Amar'e with his brand of “bully ball”. Next up would be re-signing channing frye. He has stated he wants more money b/c it will be the biggest contract of his career, but he needs to understand he will not get BIG bucks. After 1 season he hasn't proven himself yet its just 1 season. The only teams he will flourish in are the suns and GSW. Lou Amundson will not be brought back and that is a good choice b/c it then gives Earl Clark time to develop. The kid has potential that is off the charts and so he must get more playing time to “get his feet wet”.


It is almost inevitable that LB will get traded. He clearly did not fit in w/ the second unit this yr. And is not needed. The only options I see for him are to get traded for Mickael Pietrus of the magic(but I doubt they would do that) or to the Nicks for a future pick ( they have the money and Dantoni trades picks like nothing) if we cannot get Mickael then we should look to get a SG that can defend in FA. Possible options are Quinton Ross(who gave Nash troubles in playoffs vs clippers), Rausal Butler, and Raja Bell. Bringing back Raja would be ideal b/c he is a good 3 pt shooter who doesn't demand the ball while playing outstandind defense. As fro a big man, most people have brought up Brendan Haywood and other bigtime bigs, but lets be realistic, they can't afford to give someone starter money when they will be coming off the bench. Kurt Thomas, Ben Wallace, and Brad Miller are all options. They might be a little short but they can bang with LA's bigs. If Ben does not retire he would be great to have. Kurt was great as a sun especially at setting screens and since he can hit the mid-range he spaces the floor a bit. Miller is a great passer, imagine running a high-low w/ him & amar'e.


Bringing back most of the team intact with a few teaks here and there could finnaly get the suns over the hump once and for all. P.S. They need to do whatever it takes to draft Zoran Dragic whether its this yr or next. Imagine this future team. Goran






Pick Your Option:

Nash/Dragic                                    Nash/Dragic                           Nash/Dragic

J-Rich/Bell or Pietrus                     J-Rich/Bell or Pietrus           J-Rich/Bell or Pietrus

Hill/Dudley                                        Hill/Dudley                              Hill/Dudley

Stat/Clark                                          Stat/Clark                               Stat/Clark

Lopez/Frye/Wallace                         Lopez/Frye/Thomas             Lopez/Frye/Miller

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