Robert Sarver is the boss.

The Buck starts and stops with him

He hires hundreds of employees in his various enterprises.  I assume that he has also learned how to reward or  remove under performing employees.  

 Do the top executives of the club deserve raises or new contracts based on their performance of the last two years?   Isn't the tandem of Kerr and Griffin responsible for the original Shaq trade and for hiring Terry Porter?  Are these the same executives who simply gave Shaq away while the team was forced to eat expiring contracts to the tune of over 11 million dollars?  Does that type of management deserve a raise?   Get real.  If you or I performed  so poorly we would count ourselves lucky to keep our job.  You wouldn't find me asking for a raise.  I would feel that I owed a debt to the employer. 

Kerr apparently did not feel that he should accept a new contract with no increase.  He apparently has other options and can rejoin TNT and do game commentary.  He may be the next Mike Fratello;  jumping  between television and management/coaching from time to time without distinguishing himself in either field.

Kerr was a rookie GM when Sarver hired him.  Sarver overpaid Kerr for his initial contract probably because Kerr could make that amount or more continuing to work as a TV commentator.  I do not have special knowledge. 

We all observed and commented upon the rookie mistakes Steve Kerr heaped upon us.   His draft choices have been mediocre at best.   We have suffered through the Steve Kerr learning curve and now he has chosen to take his act elsewhere.  May he enjoy his next gig with TNT. 

The Phoenix Suns Inc. are simply a business that needs to be run efficiently.  This year's version was a very exciting collection of overachievers both young and old.  The team had a GREAT season and a chance to make the Finals.  They fell a few points short.  Only one team wins the last game of the Season.  It wasn't our Suns.

I do not think that the Team will be overly affected by the loss of Kerr and Griffin.  Alvin Gentry has proven himself to be a very calming influence on his younger players and the veterans know their job and they know that it is a business that is based on performance. 

Mr. Saver will fill the open positions with capable people.  The Suns will be better run in the very near future.  No one or two employees are irreplacable.  There are many executives around the league who will be inquiring about these job openings.

As fans we appreciate the status quo when the team is doing well.  The fact remains that the Suns team of recent years has not made the Finals.  The team has been minus one or two key ingredients each and every year.  Give a great deal of credit to the coaches and players of this year.  They overachieved, they were a real TEAM and they entertained us all year. 

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