2010 Suns Team

alright i think it is pretty obvious we need some new players on our team. i dont know about everyone else, but i think stoudemire is gone. he his not coming back to phoenix and we all need to accept that. maybe if this summer didnt have free agents like lebron, wade, dirk, bosh, etc. we wouldnt have to worry about losing amare. he is going to miami with wade.  im not sure about lou and channing. but we should take into consideration that we might lose all three. assuming we do lose them, we NEED big men. if we lose some of these guys we need spots at the power forward position. i would like to keep lou and lose channing. in my opinion lou is a better all around player. plus channing is not a great defensive player like lou. i will not miss his threes becuase they didnt go in half the time, and we do have j rich, nash, dragic, dudley to take care of that.


barbosa should be traded. there is no question there. i think we can get a great player in return for him. we should look for a great back up shooting guard (john salmons/ jj redick/ tony allen) are my 3 favorites. tony allen would be the best fit concerning his great defense which we kinda need.


some players i have been looking at in the 2010 nba free agency:

Tyson Chandler: i know he has been struggling a little but he is a 7-1 big man who can provide great energy and presence off the bench. look at when he played with chris paul. he did great because he had a true talent pg who could find him in the paint. which would be great because we do have nash and dragic who do a great job at that as well.he would be a great defensive body in the paint. and could help out on the boards. maybe even play him and lopez at the same time. maybe we could destroy the lakers with this big team. who knows

plus he is only 27. same age as amare. and could provide much room for improvement.

Tony Allen: great defensive player. if boston lets him go we should focus on getting him. he would be a great backup for j rich. 20 times better than barbosa because this team needs to focus more on defense, rebounding, and bigger players. that is the reason we didnt win it all this year. he could be our new raja bell. so if raja bell does go to the lakers. we obtained a defensive lock down player as well.


my favorite 2010 Suns Lineup. would be....

pg- steve nash & goran dragic

sg- jason richardson & tony allen

sf- grant hill & jared dudley

pf- earl clark & lou amundson

c- robin lopez & tyson chandler


basically i think instead of going after a big name like bosh dirk or boozer in place of amare we need to add a couple decent players such as tyson chandler and tony allen who are both great defensive players. this would leave room for clark to play a lot of minutes and have a great backup in lou.


tell me what you guys think. im not an expert on all the salary caps and what not like dking97 but the players i have added are not expensive. tell me if this lineup is possible. because i think this would be amazing

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