goodbye basketball season.

we'll miss you.

but no goodbyes to the suns, because luckily, we have blogs, and and twitter to remind ourselves they dont just leave when basketball season ends. they don't disappear, they have actual lives. funny, i know. that's not what this is about though. this is parting thoughts.

Goran Dragic: ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PLAYER since the day in his rookie year when i noticed him on the bench and asked my sister "whos the pretty guy on the bench?" That happened sometime during the beginning of the season. After that, I waited for the minutes he'd play and then when Gentry took over and he got more than two minutes every other game or whatever our poor Slovenian got, seeing him play was great. Really, I finally saw the player I'd hoped he be. I got shot down by the mean people who don't give people chances, but I believed. For him to have the season he had was amazing to watch. It made me smile everytime he played. And by the end of the season, I had called my uncle several times to essentially tell him "suck it, the man is good. he could kick your ass." Oh and I think that game three against San Antonio, although he scored really high, was not his best game ever. I think that belongs to either the game that he got postered by Rose, or the game where he started against Oklahoma City. But it's all opinions. And seeing him and Vujacic. I know thats been commented on about 495723852385 times, but I don't even have a comment, other than really, Vujacic? our Goran Dragic who once said "Im a quiet person ad I just wanna play my game" (paraphrased) when asked if he would give Udrih crap about a three point game. That's the guy who talked shit about your mom and family in the middle of a game? Don't think so.

Anyways, thank you Goran, for making my friends realize I'm not retarded. It was really nice of you. Also, you're pretty much a badass.

Channing Frye: My tied for fourth favorite sun (I know, its such a third grade thing to do, rank your players) I really would be sad to see you go. It would really make me upset. Although Frye makes me mad sometimes (read: whenever its not a suns possession) when he hits his three ball and gets hot, it can turn a game around. I guess thats true no matter the player, but Frye especially. Sometimes, Channing can make you pissed. The one thing that bothers me about Frye is that he sort of doesn't always play as a center. He's much happier behind the three point line. Which is great, don't get me wrong. But it'd be great if he could actually play as a center sometimes, if only on the defensive end of the court. That's fine, if you want to play as a forward/guard on the offensive side. The suns are okay with that. But defensively, Channing. That's the only thing I want to see from him.

Also, i want us to resign him, 5 years/25 million dollars. I think that for the caliber of a player he's become and can become he deserves that much.

Louuuuuuuuu(is) Amundson: I LOVE HIM. He falls into my five spot. Lou, while he doesn't get as much time as anyone else, with the exception of the rejects (Clark, Jones, Griffin and Collins) is vital to our team. He plays hard EVERY SINGLE game. He brings the energy we need all the time and he truly does his job as a power forward. I truly see him as a key player whenever the era of Dragic starts. The two play dynamite together. I think if Lou went, we might lose a little energy off the bench and we'd definitely lose a fan favorite.

Plus, sometimes you really want the same hairstyle as a guy on the team, and that doesn't happen with anyone but Lou.

For Lou, I'd like to see the same deal I want for Channing.

But Louis, please please please take this summer and work on free throws, and maybe improve the jumper. Please, humor us.

Amar'e Stoudemire: This is tough for me. I've never "liked" Amar'e. He's always been good. Don't get me wrong, he's truly crucial for our team. However, I feel like Amar'e doesn't play unless he feels like it. Look at Nash, who played through an eye. He didn't feel like playing (I'd guess), but he came out and sank ten points and handed out ten assists or whatever retarded number it was. Amar'e doesn't approach the game with the same kind of focus. Frye played through a certain period where the nicest thing that could be said was "Frye has something stuck in his throat." Dragic played through criticism from his own fans. Hill's played through injury after injury. Amar'e plays when Amar'e wants to. Which is when he feels like we need a game. That impacts our team a lot. We need to look to a big man, and it's hard to play when one of your key players isn't playing productively.

However, while I feel that way for sure, the idea of losing Amar'e scares me, too. We've talked about so much, and the free agent class this year is amazing. The teams chemistry is so good, I don't want them to bring in a person and have that person screw it all up. I like the idea of Dirk, but he's old. We already have old guys. I like the idea of Bosh, but how good is he really? Dwayne Wade, of course, would be ideal. But Wade is a superstar. We don't need a superstar to come and sit on his little throne, while his people (Nash will be the people) swarm him. That's why the idea of a superstar scares me so much, is will they espect to get treated like a superstar? What if it screw up our chemistry.

So Amar'e, thank you for making me confused and stressed.

Leandro Barbosa: I love the Blur as much as the next person. Well, probably not. At this point, I think LB is past his prime. He might not be "bad" per se, but I don't think LB adds a ton to the team. LB is a shooting guard, and can be a PG sure. But he's not, as much as it pains me to say it, a good replacement for J.Rich. J.Rich, and I hate to say it again, adds a ton to our team with his three point shooting and funny looking celebrations. LB's three pointers are such a 60/40 thing and it becomes frustrating. However, if LB goes, who replaces him?

Option A, Raja Bell: At first, when I heard this, it made me happy, because when Raja was in Phoenix I was borderline obsessed with the man. I did a project on him, for godssakes, and got an A on it, thanks so much. But then I think. Raja is becoming older, and we have a couple old guys already. We don't need another old guy. However, off the bench Raja could be dynamite and a guy who could probably match J. Rich's talent. Then again, the man is a little injury prone right now. Other hand, we get a fan favorite back to Phoenix. The jury's out on that.

Option B, Unknown Draft Pick: I guess it depends on the pick.

Option C, Zoran Dragic: No, I don't want him. Well, maybe a little part of me says "ZORAN ZORAN ZORAN." But then there's the part of me that says "brothers on different teams=friendly rivalries as they compare stats over Christmas dinner. Brothers on the same team= a bond nobody else understands, and therefore noone else is let in on." What I mean by this is that it's a bond that's huge. I know, I have two, and a sister. It makes me worry that it will be like Goran to Zoran, Goran to Zoran, Goran to Zoran, Zoran to Goran, Goran to Zoran. What if that does happen? That'd be terrible news and could completely screw up our teams dynamic. Plus, doesn't Vujacic have enough Slovenians on our team to harass? I think one is enough.

Steve Kerr: No opinion, I don't know enough about his position to make an argument for or against.

A question: My lucky clappers got me through a lot this postseason. They were born at game five of the Portland series, where I happily cheered on my suns from section 223, row 5. They saw a win there, a win in game six and the sweeping of the Spurs. They were used in game 1 of the LA series. They saw a loss, and were put on top of the fireplace. In game two, they stayed in their spot on top of the fireplace, and saw a loss. In game three, they were not used, but placed in my lap as I sat unmoving and crosslegged on my couch for the whole game. The day after game three, I flew to Indiana, and of course, the clappers came. They weren't taken out of the suitcase, and we won. They stayed in the suitcase for game five, and saw a loss. They were put in my lap for game six, and saw a loss. So, question. Did the clappers lose their power, or was I using them wrong? And should they be put to sleep and go out with the trash Thursday, should they be retired to the top of my dresser, or should I see if the magic starts again next season and keep them? Keep in mind, these clappers are pretty dead. They're missing a panel and a half, and theres ahuge rip, and they only clap on one side. I just don't know what to do with them.

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