"Chemistry," Gentry said, "can be a strange thing."

The title say it all. Gentry' first Reaction to the news ofLBJ leaving for Miami.

What is the Price of This Chemitry / What are the Cons. Would a team with all the greatest stars compete with a tem that is fluid in its thought. A team that knows its goal / Limitations  strengths and players willingto sacrifice their on personal agendas (Like Nash) for the benefit of the tem, the Greater good.

This reminds me of a CRICKET Series played 6 or So Years ago.


Team Australia was the best One Dy International and Test Mtch Cricket team in the world and had been at the top of the International ODI and Test rnkings consisitently for almost  decade.


There was a promotional series between Team Australia Vs Rest of the World. It was a 01 TEST MATCH and 03 One Day Internationals Series.

A test match in Cricket is for 5 days, at the end of which if there is no result, it is declared a Draw. Anticipating some great Performances from both sides, this promotional Test match was extended to 6 Days.

The Rest of the World Team Boasted of some of the best players from different countries, headed by Captain Stephen Fleming, a very smart guy who could change strategies and has been attributed to ome very bold strategic moves in games. Virendra Sehwag, an explosive batsman from India. Brian Lara, holder of the record for highest runs cored in a test match (501 Runs). Andrew Flintoff, an all-rounder (Bowler/Batsman) who adds batting and bowling depth to the side. Mark Boucher, a Wicketkeper / Batsman ranked first amongst kepers at that time. Handy behind the wicket and a sound batsman in front of the wicket and many other well known players.

The Australian team comprised of greats of their on and a few new players like Michael Clrk / Michael Hussey Etc.


The game was over within 04 days ending with a humiliting defeat for the REST OF THE WORLD. And the only reason for that was the fact that the players did not really know their roles.

Each player who got out went for a rash shot expecting to be the man of the hour/day and knowing that there were others behind who were capable of makingup for his poor effort. The Bowlers did not bowl to the field set for tem by the captain either because they felt that they did not need to bowl according to the field OR thecaptain was not really aware of the bowlers thought/strengths (Swing of the ball / favored length to ball Etc.)

Is therea leson to be learnt here ??? Can 02 Kobe Bryants survive in the same team. Could Wade/LBJ/Bosh play for the team / rather than play for their individual glories ??? Will they expect the other to pick u the slck for their poor showing Or will they be willing to distribute the ball for a better shot.


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