Suns going back to 7SOL?

For those who remember, the 7SOL Suns of yester-year were created out of necessity more than anything.  Star Center, and offensive juggernaut Amare Stoudemire had gone down for the season after microfracture surgery on his knee.  Suns fans and media members alike were writing off the Suns entire season.  And then the Suns put together a masterful regular season, and exceeded expectations in the playoffs, playing undersized and overquick in transition offense.

Suddenly, Amare's knees are in the news again, and the Suns find themselves without that offensive centerpiece again.  It seems logical that they might try to go the same route this season that they did before... small and fast.

But, there are other indications that the Suns might be returning to their old run-n-gunnin ways:

1)  The Suns' wish-list of players to pursue in free agency.

Namely, Amir Johnson & Hakim Warrick.  By now, you probably know that Warrick is an undersized PF (6'9" 219 lbs) who relies on quickness and leaping ability, and is known for his ability to finish in the open court.  You may not be as familiar with Amir Johnson.  He is a strikingly similar player, a natural runner and leaper at 6'9 and 210 lbs.

Why are the Suns targeting multiple PF's of the same undersized build?

2)  The sudden departure of Steve Kerr.

With the thinking that 7SOL couldn't win it all, Kerr was brought in to change the ideology of the Suns.  Kerr it was who drafted 7' Robin Lopez, transformed Shawn Marion into Shaquille O'Neal, hired Terry Porter, and insisted on a more defensive mindset.

If the Suns are going back to a 7SOL system, it would represent a fundamental shift in the philosophy of the team.  It would be a scrapping of the ideology, and legacy of Steve Kerr in Phoenix.  Is this why Steve Kerr left Phoenix, a month after expressing his continuing desire to be here?

3)  Too many Wings

Grant Hill, Jason Richardson, Josh Childress, Hedo Turkoglu, Jared Dudley, Earl Clark.  Why do the Suns have this many rotation players to fill 2 wing spots?  Turkoglu has already been mentioned by the organization to spend time at PF.  Clark has previously played there despite being undersized for it.  Even Dudley spent some time at PF at times last year when Gentry went small, having played the position in college.

Do we have 6 small forwards because we plan on playing undersized regularly throughout the year?

4)  Goodbye Leando, Hello J-Chill

Leandro Barbosa was shopped this offseason, and the reasons we were told had to do with paying luxury tax, getting far enough under the cap to get a good player, and that he wasn't needed, with Dragic hopefully getting more minutes at the SG, as well as PG position.

We then went out and signed Childress for a nearly identical amount of money, ostensibly to play the same position as Barbosa, even though nobody in their right mind here or in the Suns organization is hoping to see Dragic's minutes reduced.

Is it because Childress will see minutes at the SF position in a small ball scheme?

And, we'll end with a poll, because every good post needs one of those:

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