i just read all the comments you guys posts about my recent proposed trades involving our players...and i am sorry that i overlooked your feelings bout our PHX...(my bad ~_~`)...


If you guys notice...our line up for now got a hollow inside...i mean we don't have yet a solid front line that we can rely on like we use to be when Amare is around...i already accept the fact that he's gone, but there's still time or opportunity for us to make up for it...If you guys notice again i'm proposing young prospect that CAN BE develop at the same time can make our TEAM BALANCE...


TEAM BALANCE not only for this season, but for more upcoming years (say 4 to 5 years)...coz if we got this so called team balance our team chemistry for sure will arise...we can only have this team balance if our players in our rosters satisfied in their role especially at their playing time...


We got lots of players that competes for same position (FORWARDS: Turkoglu - HIll - Dudley - Warrick - Clark - Amundson - Frye - upcoming rookie Lawal), but we can only solidify the role of the SF (Turkoglo - Hill) but in PF i cant see a legitimate player we got right now to really compete for us...i mean a PF that can be called a go to guy...coz if we got a PF to be a 'go to guy' he can surely soften up the defense from our shooter, but if we got just a PF(who keep shooting outside) for sure he will just strengthen the perimeter defense on us...And i'm not expecting to sit this guys whole season long (waiting for someone in the line up to be injured or suspended or something).


Aside from Robin Lopez we don't have yet a player who can be a legitimate center...(CENTER = last line of defense/focal point of offense),  we cant just keep Frye to stay on it, relying on his outside shooting, coz not every game Frye shoots that ball well...


My point is to have a BALANCE TEAM (2 Offense + 3 Defense) or (3 Offense + 2 Defense) (offense = high rate  of point production) (defense = 50% can stop opposing player and 80% slows opponents).


If we can just have any of this young guys i'm proposing:

* (F/C) 21 yrs old Anthony Randolph 6'11 : Great Offense (outside - perimeter - low post), can play up tempo game,  Defense (attitude problem? = i think the attitude will make him demon inside the paint...his attitude will drive him to the extents to be a great (offensive/defense) rather than to be an angelic boy who's always concern bout his mother ^_^v  ( salary : 1.8M)


* (PF/SF) 23 yrs old Wilson Chandler 6'8" -  +offense / +defense, fast mobile player that can play up tempo, much room for improvement. (salary: 1.2M)


* (C) 23 yrs old Hasheem Thabeet 7'3" - inspite of his height he only got 263 pound, meaning to say there's a chance to make this young man to move fast enough just like Robin Lopez...and can be a project for our future massive front court line up...(problem: he got also a much higher season salary and he also got attitude problem that my also make him a devil inside the paint...(make his anger turn to his opponent)... (salary : 4.4M)


* (F/C) 24 yrs old Jason Thompson 6'11" - (12.5 pts 8.5 reb. 1.7 ast.) despite of his little playing time at Kings he can still those stat...he only needs some playing time and passive guys the goes around him... (salary: 2M)


* (F/C) 25 yrs old Andrie Blatche 6'11" - (14.1pts  6.3 reb  2.1ast) a very fast mobile player that has great perimeter shooting and has a great low post maneuverability... and also got lots of room for improvement.


* (C) 22 yrs old Spencer Hawes 7'1" - (10 pts 6.1 reb 2.2 ast) a very fast mobile center just like Robin Lopez that has great perimeter shooting and low post maneuverability.  Young enough to develop as our future Twin Tower with Robin Lopez... and of course lots of room for improvement. (salary: 2.3M)


* (F/C) 25yrs old Lamarcus Aldridge 6'11" - (17pts 8.0reb 2.1 ast) this is a long shot for us to acquire coz Greg Oden is still curing his injury...but he got the strength and mobility that can surely play in our up tempo game...            (salary 5.8M)


TRADE : trade only makes possible if both parties (teams) are satisfied what they're going to have after of course acquiring prized player need also a prized player or multiple acquisitions like multiple player deal or drop picks.


if you noticed again...the NBA is a one sided organization as for now...great players team up together to make good teams better and bad weak teams weaker...i strongly suggest if we make a trade we go for a +age (young and + salary (low salary) at the same time makes our Team Balanced for more years/season to come...thank you and god bless.


Suggestion Line Up:


PG: (6'3") NASH -- (6'3") DRAGIC

SG: (6'8") JCHILL -- (6'7") DUDLEY

SF: (6'10") TURKOGLU -- (6'8") W. CHANDLER

PF: (6'11") RANDOLPH -- (6'11") BLACHE or (6'11") ALDRIDGE

C:  (7'-0") LOPEZ -- (7'1") HAWES or (7'3") THABEET


we lose : JRICH, HILL, CLARK, WARRICK, FRYE, AMUNDSON, COLLINS, LAWAL (if we sign him) and some drop picks (check my recent post for possible trades)


that line up is young, give us lots of space in our cap and talented enough to make us a contender...more balance than what we have right now...


sorry bout Arenas (my bad)...

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