Insane Mutterings of an Insomniac Fan

For whatever reason, when I have trouble sleeping, my restless mind always ends up settling on the Suns.  In my sleep-deprived state I come up with trade ideas or visions of the future that, while not eminently likely, give me much joy, and make me dream of future Suns glory.  So forgive my crazy idea, but this is my favorite one I've ever had, and I felt like it deserved to be committed to writing.  Presenting to you: The arrival of Kevin Love in Phoenix

Here is my best case scenario for this offseason.  Late this night, Happy Walters (Amare's agent) tweeted that Amare will be doing a sign and trade with the Knicks.  Which is obviously good news - the Suns get a massive trade exception, getting at least something to show for Amare leaving.  

But can the Suns do better? I say yes.

The New York Knicks sign and trade David Lee at 5 years, 65 million for Amare Stoudemire.

The Suns trade David Lee to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love and Ryan Hollins

David Lee: He gets the 12 million a year he wants, and ends up in the city he wants (for whatever reason, he's been all over Minny in the past week)

T-Wolves: They get the player they apparently covet so much (Lee).  Now, there is no way in hell David Lee can co-exist with Kevin Love.  They're both defensively challenged power forwards.  Furthermore, the T-Wolves seem to have no desire to develop Love, as the stuck him on the bench all last year, and just resigned Darko AND some foreign big I've never heard of.  Coincidently Love is set to make 4 million dollars, which combined with the 8 mill in cap space and Ryan Hollins figure, slides Lee right in there.  Now the T-Wolves are free to pair Lee with Darko and trade Big Al of pennies on the dollar like they planned.

Suns: Kevin freaking Love.  Instantly provides a massive rebounding boost.  Relegates Warrick and Frye to the bench, where they belong.  Has a wonderful outside shooting touch, which would strech the floor the the 3pt line and provide a perfect fit with Lopez.  His outlet passes are a thing of beauty - The Suns fast break, already glorious, would become the thing of legends (I can't emphasize this enough).

Suns line-up:






Plus, the Suns would be set for years! Future line-up: Dragic-Barbosa-Clark-Love-Lopez!

Listen, I'd even be willing to throw Clark in to get this thing done, at let Dudz man the spot.

Likelihood of happening: 5%

Likelihood I'll finally have a good night's sleep dreaming of Love ripping down boards, whipping passes to Nash, who whirls them to a streaking J-Rich: 900%

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