Why Nash>Lebron, Kobe...

After seeing Lebron humiliate and shove a dagger into the heart of the franchise that gave him his career, I realized how blessed our team really is.

We may not have Championships, but we have Steve Nash.The difference between Nash and Kobe, Lebron... is that he would rather win a Championship for his team than for himself.

Our franchise has made some stupid moves in the past. Ones that would make you think, "why doesn't Nash ask to be traded?". He has the right, he's old(for an NBA player), he should be competing for a title and not be playing for some mediocre team that is also trying to rebuild. Same with Grant Hill, yet they've decided to stay on board, why? Because," we have unfinished business"-Grant Hill.

Nash has been asked about this once and although I don't have his direct quote, he said," I could, but it just wouldn't feel that good if I couldn't get one here, wouldn't feel right. Only one team can win and what's the point of going to a "contender" if they only have a 1/30 chance of winning it all like everyone else when I can stay here and try and get one?"

Unlike Lebron who will be chasing a title with fellow superstars Wade and Bosh or Kobe( who had asked to be traded out of LA a few years back); Nash is willing to stay here for as long as he can and win a championship. Lebron and Kobe want to win(which is good), but they want to win more for them self and their legacy more than they do for their team. Lebron doesn't care about the Heat. He just wants to win a ring.

Perhaps, this is why Nash could never win a title because he doesn't really care about winning one for himself as much as other athletes do, he doesn't care about his legacy as much as other athletes would. He'd rather just come into work and be happy to play for a team where everyone likes and respects each other while trying to carry that team as far as he can and having fun at the same time. Even if as far as he can take them isn't much. Well, maybe because of that he won't ever get a title and although he is a lock for the Hall of Fame he will be known among the best, but not the best of the best because he doesn't have the rings. However, I 'd take that over Lebron and Kobe's desires any day.

I would rather cheer for a player with half the talent, but all the heart(not all for himself) who is wiling to fight and go down with his team. Who is willing to shake the hands of his enemies after defeat. Who cares more about loyalty to his team than money and winning anywhere else. I will cheer for Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns!

Nash and Hill deserve a title, we deserve a title, the Phoenix Suns deserve a title, but Nash will need help carrying this team. We need a great player to join Nash with the desire to win for us and not just himself. It may not ever happen, but we need a guy like Tim Duncan to come and help Nash help us win a title.

I've lost respect for guys like Jordan, Kobe, Shaq... because they were cocky punks who only cared about making themselves look great and when they did win they shoved it in the other teams face(see Kobe after he hit the shot over Grant Hill and then smirked at Gentry). At least when Duncan beat us he would do so in a humble fashion which is why I respect him. When he lost to us he even acknowledged that we were never at full strength all those years when we came to play them and that something unfair always happened to us. Because of that, losing to the Spurs doesn't feel so bad anymore.

Some people may stop watching the NBA because of guys like Lebron, Kobe, Stern..., but I will always continue to watch the NBA because of guys like Nash, Dirk, Duncan...

Nash may only be here for about 2-3 more years and our team may never be good enough to win one before he's gone, but I'll go down with him because he will do the same for us.

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