Enough talk about the "Nuns", GO LAKERS!!

Now that I have your attention, I just thought it would be cool if we talked about something else to pass the time instead of talking about a bunch of trades that won't ever happen, so lets talk about something else that won't happen instead. If your bored of all those trade posts(like me) than this is the post for you.

Alrighty than, I was thinking that instead of playing "GM" like we always do, how about we play "NBA Commissioner". Yes, that wasn't a question, it was a command. We're playing commissioner and your going to like it!

Pretend your David Stern...wait never mind that, pretend you've taken over the NBA and your still you. Any confusion? You own the NBA! Your filthy rich! You got it! Now seeing that you finally own the NBA and have all this cash just lying around, what would you do? Are you satisfied with the NBA? What would you change about the NBA? What don't you already like about it? Have you any wild or genius ideals to make it better? These are serious questions, your the owner and you can't just sit around. You have to act! You have to find a way to make the NBA Awesome! Your goal is to make it the most watched sport in the country. Your goal is to equally please both the casual fans and hardcore followers. What are you going to do? Keep in mind that you have all power and can do whatever you want, but you must not forget your goals either.


Now here was my idea. I've never been satisfied with the length of the NBA. I think it's way too long. Too many games. Too many players get hurt. More injuries occur in Basketball than any other sport. That's a Fact!  Not only that, but sometimes it feels like it just drags and drags and drags until finally the playoffs arrive, but even than do we really need to play a best of 7 for all 4 rounds? Should more than half the league even be making the playoffs?

There are some teams I just feel are there to be there, but other than that they have no point or purpose than to just be there. Like the Clippers for example. Hate the name, city, jerseys, history... Plus, they share with the Lakers. Although, I do appreciate the few hardcore fans they have. Yes, they do exist.  What I'm trying to say is that Franchise's like this have to go or be relocated. This is all part of my plan for shrinking the NBA to make it better. Yes, I just stated my main goal.


Here is what I've decided-( I know I just said that above, but I'm finally getting to the point. )

 The regular season is decreased by 20 games meaning there are only 62. This doesn't mean necessarily less months of basketball. This means more days of rest and more days of practice in between games. I think this would be good because it would decrease the chances of injury and if players do get hurt it gives them more time to rehab and rest. Doing this would probably extend the average players career by a year or 2.  Most players don't play a full 82 game season anyway.

The NBA franchises are decreased to 24 meaning 6 franchises would have to go. This is the hard part. How do I determine which franchises stay and which go? I don't know yet honestly. Let me make a list of teams that have sucked for a long time or have poor attendance or people don't like to player there or all the above:

Kings, Warriors, Bucks, Bobcats, Hornets, Clippers, Wizards, Pacers, Nets, Raptors, 76ers, T-Wolves, Grizzlies, Cavaliers and Nuggets. That is half the league. Now some of these teams have great fan bases, but just need new owners. Some of them just need to be relocated and 6 will have to go. The goal is to have 24 teams in great, supportive, Professional-Basketball cities. I've heard rumors that Charlotte is more of a college city. I might want to consider getting rid of that team or relocating them somewhere else. Where would I relocate them? That is why this is the hard part. I can use some help here.

Now I think the first thing I should do is determine which franchises just need new owners. Indiana, Philly, GS, and Sacramento I have determined just need new owners not necessarily to be moved. This what I have so far. I can use some ideals and recommendations.

With that said, there would be 4 divisions of 6 teams and two conferences of 12 teams . However, playoff seeding does not go by East vrs West. The conferences and divisions are there for traveling/scheduling reasons. Best record of each conference would get the #1 and #2 seeds. The next two seeds go to the remaining division leaders. Seeds 5-8 go to the teams with the next best records overall not regarding their conference or division. Doing it this way increases the chances of the two best teams in the NBA actually playing each other in the finals.

The playoffs are decreased to 3 rounds- Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Finals meaning only 8 teams make the playoffs. All 3 rounds are best of 7.


Overall, shrinking the NBA allows for a more balanced league while giving players longer careers and making things so they don't drag on anymore. This is one thing I would do as NBA Owner. Now what would you do?

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