Why we are NOT trading for a big man this year.

With the team how it is currently constructed, trading for a big man would be silly.
Here are the reasons why this is:
1. Fry IS the backup C
2. Already deep with C
3. To many players needing big minutes

1. Frye, as much as he has a PF's body, IS A C. the reason for such, it to draw the opponent's C out of the lane to guard him on 3pt. line. If Frye plays PF then the opponents PF can guard him easy with C guarding C. This ruins the ENTIRE point of having Frye as a weapon of the miss-match.

2. While I would LOVE some of the big man that could come to the team, there is no more minutes to go around. If we bing in another C (by trade), you now have 3 C alone.
When the Suns say they are shopping for a big man, they are looking for a Jarron Collins or Dwayne Jones. A big man to ride the bench JUST IN CASE of injury. This is also the role Matt Jannings would take.

3. Turk, Hill, Lopez, Rich and Nash are all starers and need good minutes. None can/should come off the bench. So bringing in another starter would require trading a starter. The only position deep  enough is lose its starter is SF, and you can't really trade Hill. Can't trade Richardson cause trading J-rich IMO would case a big scoring lag, and would cause issues at SG (Chill ready for starting gig, and who is backup?) None of our SF's can really play SG as a back up, so a deal would require a new SG as well. Dudley and Hill can play SOME SG minutes, but I wouldn't make either my solid back up.

The ONLY WAY I can see this team and its current construction, getting a big (pf/c) and able to get minutes is at the 4 and by:

Sliding Turk from 4 to 3.
Trading or thinning the depth at 3 to make room for Turk.(Turk+Hill+Jyd+Clark? is to much) and giving Hill's leadership and vet experience, you can't trade or cut him, so you force him to the 2nd unit.

Maybe Hill could play the bench, but he has issues doing so at his age. He needs more of a shared time rotation (like what we have with Dudley). So the situation wouldn't be ideal AT ALL. Hill has only 1 year left on contract so I think the PF situation might be hammered out next year.

IMO, The team will stay as constructed. We MIGHT bring in a Jarron Collins just to fill the roster, but nothing to crazy.
The best thing about this team is the future after this year.
With Hill possibly retiring, that's an opening for Turk to slide to his natural 3. J Rich's deal is up after this year as well.
After that, the team is just fair game. Anything could happen. Rich could resign, or trade for a new SG. Promote Chill to start, and get a new backup, etc. The possibilities are endless at that point.
Next year's players under contract:
PG: Nash/Dragic
SG: Chill/Janning
SF: Turk/Dudley/Clark
PF: Lawal/Warrick
C: Lopez/Frye
Lots of options there. Also I really like Lawal, and given a few years, could be a starter.

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