Why do I---beware, extreme rambling ahead

keep seeing posts listing Dudley as the backup 2 guard and Childress as the back up 3?

Come on people, there has never been a game in his life that Jared Dudley has been considered a SG.  It just isn't going to happen.  He doesn't have the quickness to be a 2 guard.  He doesn't even have the quickness to be considered a wing.  He's a forward.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And don't even take that as a knock on Dudz.  I love Dudley, think he's great.  He's just not a SG.

Childress, yes, is an inch taller than Dudley, but he's also 15-25 lbs lighter than Dudley.  He's also a heck of a lot faster.  No, I wouldn't rank JChil as a 2 guard either.  I'd list him as a wing/swingman.  Dudley will guard a SG from time to time, yes.  But not an extended period of time.  Same with Hill.  But Dudley is just as likely to put a body on a PF as he is a SG due to his weight.  Remember, Sir Charles was 6-9, but only on a really, really good day (his round mound kept his height down due to the increase in gravity!).

Take some time people and learn the difference between types of players and what their positions really are.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 

PG - SG - SF - PF - C

G - W - F - P

Combo Guard - Swingman - G/F

These are all different types of positions based on an offense a team runs, a player's size (height and weight), a player's length (wingspan), a player's quickness (first step, off the screen, on ball defense), etc.

I think some of you might roll your eyes at this and say, 'Whatever' but as much as you might dream of saying Earl Clark is a PF it's like saying Steve Nash is a small forward.  When you see a team running a 3 guard, 2 big man unit on the floor, they're running 1 point guard and 2 wings with a 2 post front court.  It's a standard run and gun set.  You'll see a lot of cross screens, back screens and pick and rolls with the opposite screen to move both bigs out of the key and open it up for a back cut layup.  Knowing that Kobe Bryant is a wing not a true SG and definitely not a SF, lets you know that he's a 'big guard' that can body some small forwards and also has the quickness to beat some shooting guards, yet he has the dead-eye touch of a shooting guard.  Michael Jordan was the same.  Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were 2 unique situations in that Magic played all 5 positions and Bird played the 2, 3, and 4, though mostly was a 3 or 4.  As a 4, he kept the other teams post outside and shot the lights out, letting Parrish or McHale dominate 1 on 1 down low without being doubled.  As a 3, he would cut off of 2 screens from Parrish and McHale to get an open shot.

So when you look at the lineup, you have to know what type of roster is this really?  What positions are they "really" playing because I could submit a roster saying Nash is my PF, Hill is my C, and Lopez is my PG.  But are they really playing that role?  No.

So take some time, analyze the role that players really play.  It will change your view of the offense and defense that a team runs and why they run them.
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