How to Fix the Suns

IF: -we trade Steve and Grant

IF: -we're looking for a current 4 in the league

IF: -we're looking to unload Vince for some talent (not that, in my opinion, he isn't)

IF: -we're looking to find a replacement for Steve

and IF: -we're looking to contend

THEN: -this is what I suggest.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure you've read all the disclaimers pre-jump!

While I'm at it, the above link is kind of funny, and a situation we are (gladly) not in yet.



That's what it would take in my eyes.

Neither one of them is dependent on any other. If we only complete one trade, we get one goal accomplished and still get some talent. If we complete two, we accomplish two goals and do not conflict any one member of personnel with any other.




a) we send Steve Nash to a team that, when he is added, becomes a contender.

b) we get back Steve Nash's replacement, an Arizona born talent with the scoring capability to reign in a new type of point guard; not only, as aforementioned, a great scorer, but also an adequate distributor given the time to show his mettle.

c) we get back young talent to replace Vince Carter, who, while talented, is not young. The idea of replacing scoring definitely comes to fruition.

d) we add a defensive stopper, known as a force with the Boston Celtics before his departure from the team.



Phoenix gets: O.J. Mayo, Jerryd Bayless, Tony Allen.

Memphis gets: Steve Nash.

Toronto gets: Darrell Arthur.

WHY PHOENIX DOES THIS: The backcourt of the future, of course!


a) He's from Phoenix, went to U of A, and can score.

17 and 7 per 36. Pretty damn good (around what Steve had per 36 in Dallas). You know who scouts were drooling over in 2008? Bayless and Mayo. Miami did not want Michael Beasley, at all (as evidenced by the fact that they traded him). Before they drafted him, however, it was almost Bayless or Mayo in '08 (Miami, FYI, had the 2nd pick).

These are the stud freshmen who have been drafted.

age of the superfreshman
pick # draft name college Position then now
4 2006 T. Thomas LSU PF exciting getting there
1 2007 G. Oden Ohio State C solid injury!
2 2007 K. Durant Texas SF whoo WHOO! x
4 2007 M. Conley Ohio State PG meh meh
8 2007 B. Wright UNC PF whoo exciting
10 2007 S. Hawes Washington C exciting still waiting
12 2007 T. Young Geo. Tech F interesting more so x
19 2007 J. Crittenton Geo. Tech G meh fail
21 2007 D. Cook Ohio State G solid - decent solid - decent
1 2008 D. Rose Memphis PG ok killing x
2 2008 M. Beasley K. State F watch out watch out x
3 2008 O. Mayo USC G watch out solid x
5 2008 K. Love UCLA F burning BURNING x
7 2008 E. Gordon Indiana G burning BURNING x
11 2008 J. Bayless Arizona G burning still waiting
14 2008 A. Randolph LSU F mad potential mad potential
19 2008 J. Hickson NC State F meh potential
28 2008 D. Greene Syracuse F injury history? still waiting
35 2008 D. Jordan T A&M C raw balling x
47 2008 B. Walker K. State G meh meh
1 2009 B. Griffin Oklahoma F WTF? WTFF? x
4 2009 T. Evans Memphis G killing KILLING x
9 2009 D. DeRozan USC G raw improving
10 2009 B. Jennings Italy G ? killing x
17 2009 J. Holiday UCLA G raw solid
24 2009 Blowjob Mullens Ohio State C failsauce fail
1 2010 J. Wall Kentucky PG ridiculous ridiculous x
3 2010 D. Favors Geo. Tech PF lots o' potential same
5 2010 Run-DMC Kentucky C ridiculous...but same x
12 2010 X. Henry Kansas G super solid waiting
18 2010 E. Bledsoe Kentucky PG unsure improving
19 2010 A. Bradley Texas PG unsure unsure
29 2010 D. Orton Kentucky FC meh more meh
33 2010 H. Whiteside Marshall C unsure no data
40 2010 L. Stephenson Cincinatti GF unsure no data
47 2010 T. Gallon Oklahoma C killing

no data

Is there a PG on there with more potential that is not currently a franchise player?

WHY O.J. MAYO?: Somehow, Mayo is not the franchise in Memphis, which is perfect, because he can be the franchise here. There's no real PG in Memphis, which is why Mayo has had PG duties (which is stupid). He's started half his games this season, and it's obvious from previous seasons that he can score, albeit not so efficiently. Mayo kind of reminds me of Allen Iverson; flash, moves, breakdown scorer who can get to the basket anyway he wants. Those skills are pretty hard to come by (as is an 18 PPG scorer, or more, who is sitting on the bench of a ninth seeded team). Pretty cool, huh?

WHY TONY ALLEN?: Because he plays lots of defense (enough to keep him in Boston) and he's cheap. Why the hell not?

WHY MEMPHIS DOES THIS: Because they get Steve Nash. Mike Conley gets to sit on the bench and learn from the greatest. Steve gets to pass the ball to newly reformed Zach Randolph, along with bonafide scorer Rudy Gay and bonafide rebounder Marc Gasol. That team is solid, they have bright young pieces like little known Sam Young and Xavier Henry. They have, if they can summon whatever came out of UConn, a bonafide Dikembe Mutombo copy in Hasheem Thabeet. That team is going to be killing, and Steve Nash will definitely put them on the right path.

WHY TORONTO DOES THIS: Because they need to commit to a PG. Jose Calderon had T.J. Ford following him around, and T.J. Ford was sent to Indiana. Jarrett Jack was sent to New Orleans. Now they have the same problem where Jerryd Bayless is (was) trying to start, and Jose needs some job security, or he'll go to a team that wants those 20-17 games that he's had twice this season. Because they're starting Jose now, they might as well get something in return. This is where Darrell Arthur comes in. What I do know about Toronto's new wave is that DeMar DeRozan, Ed Davis and Andrea Bargnani are the future. The 3 is still a mystery to me. Darrell can play it, provide more dunkage and do the little things. Cool. BUT THEN, you question, THEY DON'T HAVE A BACKUP PG? Yes, they do. Remember that guy, Leandro Barbosa?





a) we send Vince Carter to a team more in need of the salary cap relief derivative from his contract than his actual playing abilities.

b) we receive our star 4, one that is not only one of the top undiscovered 4's in the league, but one of the top unnoticed players in the league.

c) we receive a 3 who makes plays, plays some serious defense, and certainly, certainly wants out of Charlotte.



Phoenix gets Tyrus Thomas and Stephen Jackson

Detroit gets Vince Carter

Charlotte gets Ben Gordon and Jason Maxiell.

WHY PHOENIX DOES THIS: Because they get both young talent and experienced talent in exchange for a guy who is giving them much less than what they receive in return.



WHAT IS THIS, you ask? It is the list of players in the league, sorted by PER. There is one player within the top 50 players in the league on that list that is not a starter and has played more than 500 minutes. His name is Tyrus Thomas. He has a PER of 19.9. The only stat you will find substantial (2nd in BLK% in the league at 6.4%) may not float your boat. You will instead find that he is top 20 in almost every statistic. He is an all around demon. His steal percentage lies between Rodney Stuckey and Chauncey Billups. His rebounding percentage lies between Roy Hibbert and Shaquille O'Neal. His defensive rating, although 21st, is a mere 101. He is quietly good at everything (with the exception of shooting). You bring him to Phoenix with the intention of him doing the little things. All those little things are the things that very few players in this league or on that list up there can do. This kid is a once in a life time talent.

WHY STEPHEN JACKSON? Because he's got talent. Captain Jack is a bonafide scorer and always has been. He can also pass, and rebound a little bit. He's like Andre Iguodala, but cheaper. Also, in the six games he's been playing for Paul Silas he's averaged 26 PPG. Not bad, right? (If you check his game log, after picking up Silas on the 22nd of December, Jax's production has gone way up). The production is the same, but now he goes to the Phoenix Suns. Pretty good, right?

WHY CHARLOTTE DOES THIS: Because Paul Silas is tired of the character issues by now, probably, and wants to get rid of the Larry Brown era that was. Thomas and Jackson are the two main acquisitions of that era. Larry Brown may have actually had team playing better ball than it could have, but it was clearly, also, time for him to go. They need something new.

WHY BEN GORDON AND JASON MAXIELL? Ben Gordon and Jason Maxiell are just that. Gordon is one of the few pure shooters in the league, which is good. Charlotte is last in FGAPG, and not so great in FG% as a team either. Gordon remedies that problem. Jason Maxiell provides...well, everyone has been in Detroit too long for their own good. He did at one point provide solid defense and rebounding. Charlotte does love defense and rebounding.

WHY DETROIT DOES THIS: Because Vince provides salary relief. Why does Detroit need salary relief? Because the team is being sold. Why does that matter? Because the next owner of the Pistons is not going to want to have to pay mad dough to players he/she hasn't even signed off on.




a) we pick up a center who finally, actually gives us defense and rebounding like Robin and Gortat were supposed to.

b) we sent Grant Hill to a contender, and get rid of unneeded depth in exchange for a semi-star that we need.



Phoenix receives Emeka Okafor

New Orleans receives Grant Hill, Josh Childress and Robin Lopez.


WHY PHOENIX DOES THIS: Because Emeka Okafor, if nothing else, blocks shots and rebounds the ball. He is also big. We really don't need much more out of a center.

WHY NEW ORLEANS DOES THIS: They are a shallow team. Depth might be OK. It's 5 AM EST, and I'm really tired. I really don't have much to say.


















The rotation now looks like this:

PG Bayless/Dragic

SG Mayo/Pietrus/Allen

SF SJax/Dudley

PF Tyrus T/Frye/Warrick

C Okafor/Gortat


If you really can't handle Stephen Jackson becoming a Phoenix Sun, consider trade B2.



TL;DR version

Phoenix gets Tyrus Thomas, Andre Iguodala

Charlotte gets Ben Gordon and Jason Maxiell

Detroit gets Vince Carter

Philadelphia gets Boris Diaw and Gerald Henderson


only differences: AI is essentially traded for Boris Diaw and Gerald Henderson

WHY PHOENIX DOES THIS MORE THAN THE FIRST B TRADE: Because Iggy is more problematic, less offensively skilled and more pass worthy.

WHY PHILLY DOES THIS: Because they need Evan Turner to step forth and conquer. Diaw is simply an expiring contract. Gerald may be the scorer that that team needs. If Philly can't deal with that, they may be more comfortable with this (B3), which exchanges Diaw for Gerald Wallace. If Philly needs more than that, Charlotte can send them their first round pick. I feel like either of those will be OK, because Iggy is essentially another Evan Turner, and as evidenced by a stop to Liberty Ballers, Andre is on the way out.


I'm not going to create B4, but you might even be able to pull the same thing off with Indiana and Danny Granger.

Would look something like that.

New rotation:

PG Bayless/Dragic

SG Mayo/Pietrus/Allen

SF Iggy/Dudley

PF Tyrus T/Frye/Warrick

C Okafor/Gortat


Your 3 main scorers are Mayo, Iggy and Bayless. Bayless is the most pass worthy, but Iggy can bring it up the floor just as much, creaing opportunities for Bayless to sit on the wing when Iggy is the 1 and the opposite to happen when Bayless is the 1. Tyrus Thomas is essentially Lamar Odom, and Okafor turns into Andrew Bynum. Mayo is (one day) Bryant, Iggy is Scottie Pippen. The best part about this is the 3 combo guard offense, essentially. Either Mayo, Bayless or Iggy can drive to the hoop at any time. They are equally adept at playing the point and scoring. On the second unit you not only have 3 pt shooters plus Gortat a la Orlando, but you have great defensive players (the second unit really doesn't change it all). Bayless can average 25 a night, Mayo can average 25 a night, Iggy can average 25 a night. They could all get 5 points and 5 rebounds. Bayless is the best shooter, Iggy is the passer of the bunch, Mayo is the best hole driver of the bunch. If Iggy is at the top of the key he can chuck it to either Mayo or Bayless, who can drain the 3. If Mayo is at the top of the key he can drive the lane, pass it out to Bayless for 3 or have Iggy set the pick (it's a longshot, but at 6'6" it's not the worst thing in the world). If Bayless is at the top of the key he can run the offense like a normal point guard. Tyrus steals the ball from random people and hustles like a madman. Okafor sits and the paint and guards the paint guy.


I'm going to bed.

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