My response to Wil's "Its time to pull the plug" MegaStreisand rosterbation

Ok this should piss some people off. In doing this I attempted to think of favorable trades for Nash and Hill yet realistic/favorable trades for all parties involved. I'm sure the numbers aren't exact but its close enough with fillers and cash I would imagine. So without further ado, ROSTERBATE!!  I'm  presenting  2 separate trades for Nash and Hil. This first one cannot happen before Feb. 18th, but it seems like it could take that long for a trade for Melo to come to fruitation, Especially if our FO got involved. 


Denver gets:

Vince Carter

Sasha Vujacic

Josh Childress

Derek Favors

Robin Lopez                     2 Jersey first round picks (2011-12), Suns first round pick (via Orlando)

New Jersey gets:

Carmelo Anthony

Steve Nash

JR Smith

Sheldon Williams

Phoenix gets:

Devin Harris


Anthony Morrow

Troy Murphy

Why this trade happens for Denver: they get roughly 20mil in cap relief next year, young talent in J-chill, Lopez, and Favors, and 3 first round picks. Everything they are asking back in a trade for Melo.

New Jersey: They get Melo. I could stop there, but they also get Nash and JR. Sheldon is serviceable. I can't see any reason they WOULDN'T do this trade. They instantly become a force in the east.

Phoenix: They give Nash a chance at contending in a place he loves. New York. Nash lives the offseason in NY and would be quite alright being sided with that lineup. We get expirings of Murphy, young talent in Morrow, Nene, and Harris. Then in the offseason we can make a strong push for a PF (say Love?), and strengthen in the draft.


Atlanta gets:

Grant Hill

Channing Frye

Hakim Warrick

Suns get:

Jamal Crawford

Atlanta's 2012 first round pick

Why this trade happens for Atlanta: They upgrade at the SF position with Grant and finally get some solid veteran leadership this team is sorely missing. They also upgrade the backup C and PF position with Frye and Warrick (look at their roster, it sucks). It definitely makes a playoff team much better, which is what everyone seems to want to give Hill and Nash. A trade to a playoff team.

Phoenix: The suns get (for this season) a go to scorer who is fun to watch, plus unload another 12mil in salary for future signings. Crawford is a guy I'd like to see the suns bring back, but at the right price. But ultimately this is a salary dump with a draft pick. Building for the future, that's what Wil's post was targeting.  After all is said and done our lineup for the remainder of the year would look like this:


SG- Crawford/Morrow

PF- Murphy/Lawal

SF- Dudley/Pietrus

C- Nene/Gortat/Siler

Ok, feel free to rip me a new A-hole, because this is depressing.

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