NBA draft picks 7th edition.

This is actually kind of fun. I promise I will do a better job at it this time. So here goes

2010 Greg Monroe-Pistons

2009 Stephen Curry-Warriors

2008 Eric Gordon-Clippers

2007 Corey Brewer (Thats Mchale for your) -Twolves

2006 Randy Foye-Boston Celtics traded to Minnesota via Portland. (Foye is a great player, but sadly, he has not lived up to his potential)

2005 Charlie Villanueva-Toronto Raptors (Ahead of Bynum, remember when Chris Bosh was there and they needed a Center?)

2004 Loul Deng-Suns traded to Chicago for Jackson Vroman and Cash!

2003 Kirk Hinrich-Bulls  (Drafted to replace Jason Williams who got into a horrid motorcycle accident

2002 Nene Hilario-New York Knicks traded to Denver for Antonio Mcdyess

2001 Eddie Griffin-New Jersey Traded to Houston for Richard Jefferson, Brandon Armstrong and Jason Collins. (Talk about an immense talent who ruined it via drugs and egocentrically self-centered.)

2000 Chris Mihm-Chicago traded to clevland for Jamaal Crawford and cash (Great trade!)

1999 Richard Hamilton-Wizards (A team with Rip and Michael Jordan.)

1998 Jason Williams Sacramento Kings (The white one)

1997 Tim Thomas-New Jersey (Talk about a real waste of talent)

1996 The Tragic Lorenzen Wright-Clippers

1995 Damon Stoudamire-Raptors (Is it me or does every guy Toronto draft have their career's collapse before them?)

1994 Clamond Murray-Clippers (WHO?)

1993 Bob Hurley- Kings

1992 Walt Williams-Kings

1991 Luc Longley-Minnesota

The Clippers and Kings selected a player with the seventh pick three times each, New Jersey, Toronto, and Minnesota each selected twice. Interestingly enough, the Bulls made the drafts/draft day trades while Toronto got screwed by picking the "safe" choice, and Minny as usual made a couple of stupid moves during draft day in the trade category.

Putting attitude and injury aside- I'd go with PG-Damon Stoudamire(This guy was unfucking believable) SG Eric Gordon (If any of you watched O.J Mayo in College, well Gordon is the player that Mayo was supposed to be) SF-Eddie Griffin (The definition of BEAST.) PF-Nene (He would be incredible at the Four)  C-Greg Monroe (Every team needs a guy like Monroe, he rebounds, passes, and defends

On a side note-the Nets have had a couple of unmotivated and uninspired types like Thomas over the years, and if not for the prospect of playing Nene at the four, I'd go with Thomas.

Attitude and injury considered. I'd Go with PG-Randy Foye SG-Eric Gordon SF-Loul Deng PF Nene and C-Monroe

So there you have it. This was not really hard because there was only really 6 OR 7Truly talented guys.

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