Don't call it Rosterbation when we obviously need one more piece.

While Marcin Gortat is starting to click rather nicely with the rest of the team and helping us defend the interior better it's rather obvious that to avoid losing games like the Pistons game we must complete one last trade that will allow this team to realize their second half of the season potential. We have only been defeating the bottom feaders lately as well as teams in slumps(Knicks) or injury riddled teams(Blazers).Of course a win is a win and we have also lost a few by shear bad luck. But!! Denver will soon be imploding,the Blazers won't be able to keep squeezing out victories(too many injuries) and Utah is tuning out it's coach and losing all over the place,New Orleans is overachieving and Chris Paul looks extremely brittle and hesitant(he is the next Roy,no cartilage in right knee..)The Warriors and Clippers can't make up the lost time.

Our system is in place,our leadership is to be envied and we almost even have Carter giving a S**T. Trade for a Power Forward that can roll to the basket and just catch and dunk while being able to body up against other power forwards and give our team the look of a strong contender.

Ok. So here we go. Help me out guys. Nash and Hill deserve it and so do the Fans(US).

A combination of Lopez *,Warrick,Childress and Pietrus. USE our Trade Exception(Very valuable). With Lopez we should try and add Childress. With Warrick, Pietrus because of the money owed.

*Lopez showed flashes last year but Gortat is healthier and can help us right now with his rebounding. Lopez is still a young lottery pick on a cheap rookie salary that could help many playoff teams but we also know that without our trainers his back would probably be an even bigger issue. He should go if we are to get another teams valuable young PF. He is the difference between getting a Darell Arthour and a Taj Gibson.

Robin Lopez + Michael Pietrus to Chicago Bulls for Taj Gibson + James Johnson. Noah can play Pf when he comes back and they need size against the Celtics.

Robin Lopez + Josh Childress to Atlanta Hawks for Josh Smith + whatever... Swap First round picks or give them anything they need to facilitate this Highjacking. Atlanta has mortgaged their future to Joe Johnson while playing their best player Horford out of position. We could even take Marvin(Bust) Williams and just give them DUDLEY(no....).

Cleveland may have had enough with J.J Hickson. It's just the atmosphere in Ohio that is reducing everyones interest and value in playing BBall.

Someone should call Sacramento about Jason Thompson and/or Carl Landry

Luis Scola or Jordan Hill for any combination of our above players. Rockets are looking for Star power and need to be flexible to get them. They also need a center.

Final idea and one my favourites is to try and take advantage of the fire sale that is being created over at the Nuggets and try and get Nene for them. He can easily play the PF position although he is normally presented as a C. Like Amare a few years back..

I haven't checked if the numbers work, but i'll try to after i recieve feedback.

Let's not start with the No more trades/ let the team jell/ Nash and Gentry will figure it out.

We need a starting PF. Period. 

The absence of a PF puts too much pressure on the Centers for inside scoring and also doesn't help the second unit on offense witch has been a huge issue especially when Frye's shot isn't falling. Hill is amazing but we can't expect him to guard the Pf that are either too tall and strong for him and Frye or too fast for Gortat.

P.s Carter is who he is. For every New York game there are 2 games where he will help on the boards to show his effort but he will also go for 2/11 Fg and 8 points. Translation: Expendable Huge semi expiring contract= Young player in return. You can't play for the Suns and be hesitant because you might get hurt; it just goes against the Culture Nash and Hill have instilled.

If we don't,we are One and (definitely) Done.

Sorry for the long post.

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