My response to the Free Nash write up

Seth Pollack, Thank you for your write up and letting us have it.  But it was not enough for me, so I decided to start another thread and you will understand why, no disrespect to you. After all I am so verbose and the story would not make sense to Tom Ziller if he read it. To all of you who have not read the Free Nash write up on SB Nation you can find it  at (you should read each section here with the section in the original article below in parallel to understand why I wrote that.

To all the concerned for Steve Nash.. How about help Steve Nash win his championship

Since the SUNS team have always been so much fun and the current state of affairs in the SUNS land is because they lack a dominant forward, why don’t you all very concerned onlookers think of these following trades that will help fill that one gap and make the SUNS fun again ahd help Steve win the championship:

First up for Mike Prada: How about Dirk Nowitzki And Tyson Chandler for Vince carter, Hakim Warrick, Pietrus .

With this Nowitski gets back with Steve and Tyson who is on a expiring contract can also work with be used. Dallas with even save some money, because the SUNS will take on a larger payroll, but because we in Phoenix are benevolent, we will let the Dallas save that along with the expiring contract of Vince Carter.  With this Dallas will have a extra SF so that should another player gets injured they do not have be so distraught.  SUNS will even throw in a draft pick that they acquired from the Orlando Magic to aid their rebuilding.

Tom Ziller’s turn:

Suns will give Vince Carter (the Vinsanity), Hakim Warrick for Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman. OR

Suns will give Pietrus (or Childress) and Hakim Warrick for Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon.   

The Clippers owned by Sterling have been perennial  losers and any good players like Eric Gordon or Blake Griffin who show talent cannot be there for long because they will eventually leave. Come on lets be real, who wants to be known as a Clipper unless they get paid the top $$ like they had to Baron Davis and Chris Kaman whom Sterling has been rumored to be heckling.  

We can help the Clippers two ways, just take Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon and free them or since Sterling has been shopping Chris Kaman, we will be nice and take Chris Kaman and his lousy contract as well (in this case getting Vinsanity would help their status in the loser world and also have a expiring contract should they feel that that’s love and attention they need or can handle).

And there is another one for Tom Ziller who understands (or he only wrotes for them?) the Sacramento Kings:

Suns will take Demarcus Cousins and Jason Thompson and give Sacramento Pietrus

Sacramento should be very happy with this deal as they are in the process of gutting their roster and they will get rid of 2 contracts in place of a expiring contract of a sharp shooter SF who can play defense. AF is also a area they are lacking now.


SUNS could use these pieces and make a bigger trade with Atlanta to get Josh Smith and this would help this season tremendously.  Sacramento does not have to worry much, SUNS will even throw in a draft pick and have lowered even this years payroll. All a big plus considering they were not going anywhere as it is.


Over to Andrew Sharp:

Since you had two ideas, I will give the same to you with the same teams, I am sure SUNS and those teams will benefit the same.

Insane Pipe dream: I agree with you it would be aswesome.  SUNS paid OKC big (2 first round picks) when giving a good player as a rental that could coach their players. Guess, it is only fait they pay back. Don’t worry, SUNS are not that mean as you already know they will try and be fair. I know this would be a colossal mistake by OKC to trade these players to the SUNS,  but HEAR ME OUT.

SUNS will take Jeff Green, Serge Ibaka and Westbrook and give Pietrus and Warrick + SUNS 2011 round 1 draft pick.

I told you I will kind to the OKC, so I did not even ask for their #1 player Kevin Durant. Think of the back court and the front court with Nash and Westbrook on the back court and Hill, Green/Ibaka + Gortat/Lopez on the front court. And don’t forget Frye, he can short your eyes out when is in the zone. This would be phenomenal and the basketball fans would love it (without the SUNS stealing OKC’s star player – that would be real mean).

The no brainer for both sides deal: PHX gets Amare Stoudamire (and his tired legs), Landry Fields, Raymond Felton (they so do not like and want to ship him somewhere) for Vince carter, Pietrus and Childress + $3M. If needed, SUNS will even throw in a draft pick since they don’t have any.

For NYC this would still allow them to get another start player – Carmelo Anthony because they will now have Galinari and Chandler still intact in addition to the expiring contracts of Carter, Pietrus and Eddy Curry plus the draft pick from the SUNS.  They can get another draft pick for Anthony Randolph.  

For SUNS, this would allow them to compete with a solid starting team and bench and continue where they left off last year when they were short of a Center to stop the La Fakers (I mean Lakers).

Back to Tom Ziller:

Suns will get Bogut, Jennings and Drew Gooden (who has not been as great as they had expected) and the Bucks will get Childress, Pietrus and Warrick.

With these bucks on the SUNS team, these fearless DEER’s will help the rising SUNS. Now that is a combo (of players and a mouthful of words)!!


And finally without commentary, back to Mike Prada:

These might have to be done in two trades if we have to do them now or perhaps can wait till Feb 18 and do them all at one time.

SUNS get Amare Soudamire and Carmelo Anthony (even as a rental)

Denver gets the expiring contract of Vince Carter and

Knicks get Pietrus, Warrick and Childress.

And the world ends.

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