Channing Frye Game Log 1/24 @ Phi

Channing Frye is not the only Sun who had a bad game, and I'm not saying this loss was all his fault. I'll write as many of these as I need to to spread some Frye awareness.

The guy belongs on the bench.



1st Quarter

Easy rebound.

Stood at the line with his hand up, never moved, not even when the play was clearly not going to him.

Good hands defensively, steal.

Rhythm catch and shoot, 3 point hit.

Poor rotation and defensive awareness leads to easy bucket.

Iguodola breezes by and misses an easy reverse.

Lots of standing around.

Gets good position for a rebound that goes to Lopez.

Poor help defense gives brand another easy bucket.

More standing around.

Horrible help defense leads to a dunk.

Still standing around.

Gets a hand up against a jump shot.

Runs away from potential offensive rebound, Nash swishes anyway.

(First timeout. The poor defense appears to be a lack of effort. He is moving sluggishly. Philly keeps leaving him wide open on the perimeter but we keep settling for shots in traffic. I expect Gentry to get him some shots after the break.)

3 plays without any effect, then bricks a 3. The shot wasn’t horrible selection but he had a poor rhythm.

Young scores over Frye.

Dribbles and nearly travels. That’s his contribution to the play.

Sets good screen for Carter but the pass is botched.

Attempts an offensive rebound finally, bounces other direction. Resumes spot outside the line.

Still just waiting outside the three point line.

(Second Timeout)

Gets lost on D, easy layup.

At least makes his way toward the basket after Dudley shoots a 3. Has no chance without a very lucky bounce. Foul on Gortat.

2nd Quarter

Starts quarter on bench.

Returns with 3 min left.

Brand immediately scores over him. Decent D though. Brand is too big and too good in the post.

Good closeout by frye. Forces shooter to rush and miss.

Poor closeout on Young. Easy jumper easy 2.

Repeat that. Poor closeout on Young, easy jumper easy 2.

Frye back to the bench.


3rd Quarter

Frye still waiting for somebody to pass him the ball. Suns are playing right into Philly’s hands by forcing it into a packed lane. We are never kicking it back out. Little ball movement, and lots of 1 on 1.

7:55 gets away with pushing Elton Brand.

Decent box out, and Brand gives up.

Easy rebound.

Lost and getting pushed around down low on offense.

Frye fouls Meeks

Almost positions himself for an offensive rebound but shrinks from banging Brand. Hill makes it anyway.

Sets screen for Nash who hits a J.

Frye airballs a tip in. At least he tried.

Makes Nocioni put it in on the floor, Grant rotates and takes a charge. Iffy call.

Tips a rebound into the air. Ends up in a 2nd chance three.

(Timeout. Frye seems to be picking up his energy level a little. Maybe he thinks nobody will pass it to him if he doesn’t stop standing around. Maybe the coaches gave him an earful.)

Yells at Dudley to pass him the ball out of the post, and passes it right back. Dudley bricks.

Late rotation over to Turner, 2 points for Philly.

Gets beat to a loose ball, turnover for Suns.

Brand is on the floor, gets up and takes a rebound from Frye.

Easy rebound.


4th Quarter

Still waiting for somebody to pass it to him.

Tries the post, passes out of it.

Good D on Williams, makes him pick up his dribble.

Draws foul on Young shooting a J. Makes both.

(Suns have been playing zone exclusively this quarter)

Works Iggy inside for an easy bucket.

Mental Lapse, camped out in the lane and got a D-3 violation; wasn’t even trying to get out of the lane. Must have been thinking about scoring on Iggy.

(Zone is getting us nowhere)

Tries to get position in the post on Holiday. Unsuccessful. Pretty sad Holiday can front Frye so easy.

Saves a dunk by fouling in transition. Good foul.

Frye still trying to establish the post, but he isn’t making himself available. He is visibly frustrated, either by his teammates not passing him the ball or his inability to get good positioning.

Finally gets the ball down low but is surprised by the pass and gathers himself, getting away with a travel; fouled before he can attempt a shot. After the inbound he jacks up a fadeaway 17-footer and misses. Frye has succumbed to frustration and officially mentally checked out of the game.

(Camera shows Frye during the timeout. He looks upset.)

No more Frye. The game is out of reach at this point, Pistons 99 Suns 78.

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