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Thanks to a certain someone being a space cadet today, there's no separate game preview. But that's cool, what more do you need to know about this game other than Kwame Brown is starting and he's been killing it on the glass lately. Yup, that guy.

Here's some more preview madness including some quotes and Vince Carter talking about being 34 years old and giving up an update on his sore knee. 

Phoenix Suns Home Stand Starts With Revived Charlotte Bobcats - SB Nation Arizona
As for the Bobcats, they've beaten the Suns four out of their last five meetings including an embarrassing 123-105 game earlier this season. They are a difficult matchup for the Suns according to Steve Nash, who cites their versatile players and their rebounding ability.

Vince Carter, who was on the Orlando Magic last year when they swept the Bobcats in the first round of the playoffs explained the key to beating them. "You have to attack them early," Carter said, "You have to take their confidence immediately. If you don't and let them hang in there it can be a long night."

[Note by Seth Pollack, 01/26/11 6:31 PM MST ]

Pregame Notes:

This was an interesting (and very clear) response from Gentry:

Alvin Gentry Wants Rebounds From His Centers (Yes, That Was A Question) - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
It's kind of a risk / reward thing like Nash making high-risk passes leading to more assists but also more turnovers. If a guy (Marcin) is going after the ball every time, there will be occasions where he gives up the offensive board. If he (Robin) boxes out almost exclusively he's not going to get many rebounds but the overall team rebounding could be improved.

Before the Suns-Bobcats game I asked Alvin Gentry to weigh in on this great debate. What is he looking for from his centers?

  • Gentry credited former NBA tough-guy and current Bobcats assistant coach Charles Oakley with getting more out of the Bobcats big man (aka Kwame Brown) with his "play, or I'll kick your ass" approach.
  • Asked about Vince Carter getting to the free throw line less than any point in his career, Gentry said:
  • "I'm not real sure. Obviously, we would like him to get to the line more."
  • There's a guy here from the French media asking about Gortat before the game. He's wearing jeans, T-shirt and has a hoop earing and some kind of eyebrow piercing thing. Very Euro hip.
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