A few random musings

First off lets get  the Amare thing off our chest. Amare is like the ex GF who we had a rocky
relationship with every trade deadline we thought of breaking up but we kept together
then when it was time to pull out the engagement ring to save the relationship in the
off season the rock was too small and he found a better suiter with a bigger rock and
Amare finally became the face of a franchise in the biggest market in the world.
while he has been there in NY and patched things up with Mike D and playing MVP level
basketball he is playing out of position at C and not his preferred PF position and playing heavy
minutes surprise surprise Mike D who has not played his bench. the knicks will make
the playoffs  but with Amare playing heavy mins maybe his knees will not hold up
and maybe Sarvar will look like a genius or Amare will take the knicks to the promise land.

So lets get this out of the way the Suns live by the 3 and die by the lack of
a true PF this season, not CF who is a 6-11 SG who has found some defense this season,
or HW who knows how to PNR and the odd jumper but no Defense or rebounding. they need a 4
who can hit the jumper who can work in the post(TBH i am kinda still iffy of
what the post is but everyone says it so will i) and rebound(or box out well) a little bit
 but most importantly who performs consistently every game like 2time and BAMF.

therefore with the struggles that were inevitably going to happen with
the departure of Amare (ala cardinals with Warner) they has been no natural replacement
and rosterbation has hit an all time high on this site. therefore looking at the market
logically  and listening to the rumors as to which players are available
 (sorry Josh Smith and Kevin Love fans) via trade i produce you the following list
in no particular order:


as you can see these are available due to the teams not wanting them
or there are going into free agency. DWest and JGreen will resign with their
teams plus i don't like their size. JThompson will stay and
ARandolph couldn't make it in the nelli/dantoni system so pass.

we are left with the good, the bad, the forgotten, the crazy and the old guy.

The good: CLandry 27 year old and 6-9, who is averaging 11 points 5 rebounds
read today he is available and will be dealt and  with a starting salary
of $3m which expires this season a deal can be made but 
most unlikely due to being in the same division.

The Bad: ABlatche 24 years old 6-11, 16 points 8 rebounds this season,
read last week his available,has got a reasonable salary who signed a contract
extention this year. his play is improving but he has character issues which
can be knocked into shape by BAMF and 2Time.

The forgotten: TMurphy who is really has been forgotten by the nets, 6-11 30years old
who has a career stat of 11 points and 8 rebounds. i read on the site that
LORD SETH says swap him for Carter(sorry if i read it wrong seth) but it didn't work on trade machine
i guess u can give cash and other castoffs but the Russian is loaded anyway.

The Crazy, ZRandoph is a 20 and 10 machine who has many red flags but is always on
a loosing team who has not received a contract extension from the grizzlies.
lets face it his not coming to the suns more chance PManning signs with the Cardinals.

The Old Guy: AJamison 34 years old, averaging 15 points 5 rebounds.
contract ends in 2012, he is overpaid at $12m this year and $15m next year.
not read if he is available but I'm sure the cavaliers will want to get rid of his
contract. if he somehow land him we would probably have the oldest starting lineup
36,33,38,34, and the centre.

i personally think we go for Landry first see if they want HW or JC or the
 1st round pick from Orlando and the $3m in cash. if we cant strike a deal
then we go with Blatche due to his upside and improving in the suns system.
i know his has red flags and a toxic personality but i have a theory that if you want
to win a championship you need a crazy person on your team ala Rodman with the bulls,
Wallace with the Pistons, Artest with the Lakers. HW,GL and the Orlando 1st round pick
to make the trade work with the Wizards, then if that doesn't work whoever the Nets or Cavs
are going to want to get rid of in Murphy or Jamison.

One thing i don't understand that coach has not figured out is not the defense or the
new ways to close out the 4th quarter its the rotation. there are 4 quarters, 12 mins each
which = 48 mins a game . lets say we get Blatche or whoever as out starting PF.
lets say the starting 5 should AVERAGE 30 mins each that leaves
 18 mins of playing time *5 positions= 90mins
therefore a 5 man rotation of each player getting about 18 mins
or a 6 man rotation of players getting 15 mins each

nash     30     dragic         15       
carter    30     pietrus     15       
hill     30         jchil/dudley 15/15   
blatche 30     frye         15
gortat     30    lopez         15

sorry for my bad English/maths/grammar/ranting and sorry if you read all that.

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