The ONLY equitable Nash trade (A Rosterbation of Reason)

Let me start out by saying this: I DONT WANT NASH TRADED

And if the Suns are anywhere near .500 at the trade deadline, I don't think there's a chance in hell Sarver (who's rightfully enamored with Nash) lets him go.  Nash is more than the face of the team - he's the face of the franchise for it's entire history.  

Sure, some of us are KJ fans, or maybe we're whores for Barkley's 3  seasons in a Suns uniform.  Or, we'll try to be historical, and throw out a name like Walter D or the Hawk.

But Nash is a two-time MVP, seven time all star whose taken the Suns to three WCF and spent the majority of his career in the Purple & Orange. He'll be the only Suns player in the Hall remember for being a Sun. (I guess Hawk too, but I'm a Suns fan and I think of him being a ABA/Playground player).

This is, first and foremost, the reason why Nash can't be traded.  He means everything to Phoenix, and he's a "good" player to every other team.  How can you meet in the middle there?

This can be shown from both sides: other team's fans, who think we're trading him to New York for Ray Felton and Eddy Curry (ahahahahahahahahahah)

This can be shown from our fans, who think he's getting traded to the Heat for Dwayne Wade, or the Thunder for Russel Westbrook.

Thus I propose the following trade, for the following reasons: 1, I honestly think it's the only remotely reasonable trade that has a chance of happening, and thus 2. to discourage further Nash rosterbation.  Without further ado:

Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Channing Frye and Pietrus/Warrick to Hawks

Josh Smith, Jamal Crawford, Jeff Teague, and #1 pick to Suns


Suns: If we're going to blow it up, the Suns should blow it the hell up.  Not just trade Nash, but then hold onto all our expensive, multi-year contracts.  The Suns ship out arguably there two best players, but we also unload two of our worst contracts - with Vince's contract expiring (kinda-sorta) this sets up the Suns to be almost $15 million under the cap.  Phoenix has always been able to lure free agents here, so you get to add Free Agent X to a Dragic-Smith core, with young role players (Teague, Dudz, Lopez) around them. The also now have 3 #1 picks in the upcoming draft.


Hawks- Starting line-up going forward looks like the 04 Suns to me - Nash-Johnson-Hill-Frye-Horford.  Horford isn't Amare offensively, but he's 10 times better defensively. You've got 3 shooters (Nash-JJ-Frye), three good defenders (JJ-Hill-Horford) - I absolutely think this team contends.  Plus, there bench would be passable (Bibby-Jordan Crawford-Williams-Warrick).


Plus, Smith is a good young player signed to a reasonable contract. Don't like him? Flip him and Teague to the Wolves for Love+Brewer (my dream).  Go forward with Dragic-Love and be $20 million+ under the cap.


Yeah, that went a little long. But besides a trade to ATL, I don't see anywhere else Nash can go.  So, this is farewell rosterbation. I hope it's yours, too.

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