another trade....

I have seen a lot of discussion in how we can participate in the Carmelo trade and get  what we want. I just commented on another thread on why we should not under estimate our own players.  Its not that they are bad. They are just in a bad situation not having a genuine PF to spread the floor and perhaps some new players like Vince carter are not helping the Chemistry that has been the glue in Phoenix.  

I have been reading comments from “harmoor” and I agree with him when he says “patience”. Many of the players are coming into free agency next year and the year after and there may be no point in rushing to make trades now when they have an expiring contract and we will not extend them until the CBA decisions on salary cap and other regulation are final.


However, if we are talking about trades:

And have to go for the bigger trade to land Nene and Aaron Afflalo along with a PF, I would the suggest the following trade since the chance of Knicks getting Carmelo is less than of New Jersey based on what Denver wants.  By doing this trade Denver will benefit further  in reducing their cap space and filling the missing pieces (in the meantime it is best to rest Robin Lopez for couple weeks saying he hurried in coming back and was not physically ready to show case him before the trade deadline, as I am assuming the trade scenes will be frantic post Carmelo deal, with some teams trying to reduce salary to rebuild and the contenders trying to add players for now and future):

Trade scenario 1 (will post scenario 2 in a different post as I am still tweaking it):

Denver gets: Vince Carter and Pietrus  and Lawal

Phoenix SUNS get:  Al Horford, Arron Afflalo, Nene Hilario, Eddy Curry + future draft pick from NY Knicks

Atlanta Hawks get: Robin Lopez, Hakim Warrick (or Anthony Randolph) + 2011 Orlando Draft 1 pick via SUNS

New York Knicks get: Kenyon Martin.


Denver loves this because they get a good player in Pietrus and his expiring contract and also has reduced their payroll by $9M. They immediately save $18M and add the missing pieces in the Carmelo Anthony trade.

Atlanta gets a good Center and a decent backup PF (or Anthony Randolph and they believe that he will be good and just did not work in the run and gun teams he has been in) plus a draft pick to relieve salary cap space.

New York get s a solid experienced PF who can run in the NY system and his larger expiring contract for the remaining year who can relieve Amare a little for their playoff run. Essentially turned their ugly duckling (Eddy Curry) into a Swan for the time being without impacting their cap space after this season (actually helps them as they have ability to trade for a larger $ amount if they want to use his expiring contract for any trade).

SUNS improve the team by having a balanced team and try for the playoff run this year (if we get in the playoff then it is a new season and anything is possible).

SUNS will have to sign one player (and possibly 2 players  if Atlanta picks Hakim Warrick) to get to the minimum 13 else can take a min player from Denver/Atlanta and they will love us even more :

The team then would be:


Childress/Aarron Afflelo

Grant Hill/Dudley

Al Horford/Frye


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