Be optimistic

Be optimisticdo not worryAND BE HAPPY.

I don´t know what it is about rosterbation that is so fun, is just like a hot chick, you would think about her all day long, fantasizing how awesome it would be IF she was yours but at the end of the day she sure is going to end up with the richest or funniest or coolest guy, are we any of those?

So it is all about picks to us, see Amar´e for example, probably our biggest mistake to let that big fellaw go away, or maybe not? However that is not the case anymore, our current roster sure ain´t championship degree, but we if we are in good shape we can be very dangerous, like we have always been.



-Brooks ( probably not here till February)




-Mikael Pietrus ( Likely gone)

-Jared Dudley

-Vince Carter ( He is definitely buy  out )



-Grant Hill

-Joss Childress



-Channing Frye

-Hakim Warrick ( Very Very expendable)

-Gani Lawal

-Markieff Morris



-Marcin Gortat

-Robin Lopez ( Very Very ???)

-Garret Siler


Is this team capable of reaching playoffs? Hell yeah, can we win? is not likely, but it is not like is all doom for us, as we all know this team hasn´t been able to assemble as everyone would expect, with more time they should have won at least 4 or 5 more games, I am pretty sure that with the squad we got right now, 50 wins is pretty much possible, now let me remind you a couple of things :


-Robin Lopez, first he has never been the best rebounder in the league, he played 14.8 mins and avg 3.2 rebounds, all this injured,  so say he plays 30 mins he is going to get 6.4, we can say that healthy, he should get at least 8 rebs per 30 mins, that is ok, and he has never been scoring machine, his best was 8.4 pts, he is slow and he has never been the best defender, but hey, I got to say something on defense of the big guy, he ain´t no bust, with a few more years , a little bit more self esteem and good defensive scheme, he can produce, not at elite level, but there are not a lot of good centers around either, i´m aiming for 14 pts 8 rebs and 1bpg in 25 mins, he was injured and he will get just a lil better.


-The curious case of Jared Dudley and Channing Frye, this two are only getting better and better, both defensively and offensively, they are not athletes, but they seem to work hard on other aspect of the games to help diminish their athletic lack, they have improve passing, shooting and playing scrappy way better than past years.


-Joss Childress, he is getting too much money, but I am more than sure that he is the offensive guy we need coming from the bench, just like an inyection of energy, and he is just the type of player Nash should be comfortable playing with, he reminds of this guy Marion, but he has a cool afro, he can jump and he can rebound, and he can slash, if he were a little more focus on his defensive holes, he might be worth his bank account.


-Gortat and Big G spent part of their lockout summerparty training with The Dream, how kwel is that?


So … see … nothing is really that bad, except for your incredible belief that Pudgemonster is going to be a good back up Center, well if you take out that million dollar idea out of the plan, we are improving, even with the same roster we are still going to have a run, but with our new Front Office aware of our needs on the SG position and then our defensive weaknesses, is all most certain to me that they are going to have one last run with Nash, trying to fix those to parts of our game, and wishing for the best.


Brooks to me is the perfect fit for our team, he made a mistake, a very stupid one, but there is nothing we can do except for waiting for his Mini Ray Allen butt, as someone called him on some post.


A SG is needed, we are going to get it, even if it means trading someone valuable, I don´t know who but it doesn´t seem to me like Dudley will be, he is our only SG right now…, and we definitely need a defensive, low post scorer PF, capable of getting some attention allowing Nash to comb his cool hair, could that PF be a rookie? I firmly believe is our only chance to do so… hell yeah..Optimistic …

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