Phoenix Suns and Steve Nash: It's Time We Say Goodbye

Stnash_trophy_295_050219_mediumIt's time to move on. It's time to part ways. These past 7 years have been good if not great. It's been a fun ride, filled with many ups and many downs. There's been a lot of good memories, but we can't let them hold us back. I love Nash and I always will appreciate what he did for this Franchise, but at some point you have to have the guts to accept that it's over and move on. We have to let go. Not the memories, but Nash. It's for the best.

The way I see it is that we had our last chance or opportunity with Steve back in 2010 and then rid ourselves of any futures opportunities by letting Amar'e go. Originally, I was one of the guys pulling for the Suns to keep Nashty and give contending another shot back in the olden days of 09, while the other half of the Fanbase and the media wanted to trade him. I'll admit, I wasn't opposed to trading Steve Nash (if it were to actually happen), but then I'd rather we just kept him because I knew it wasn't completely over. I knew we still had a shot.

Going into 09-10, the Suns had the talent. They just needed a couple more role players, some luck and chemistry. The biggest thing on that list was chemistry. With Porter and Shaq out, chemistry became a realistic goal. If they could achieve it, they were certain to rise to contention once again.

What they didn't need was more faith. They already had it. The players themselves knew it wasn't over. Remember that the reason Grant Hill and Steve Nash re-signed was because they believed the Suns could still be a contender and were a much better team than what their 08-09 result showed. Does anybody else remember Grant Hill's should be famous among Suns fans quote,"We have unfinished business"? Those are the words he told us after signing his new contract with the Suns. Remember trade deadline? We were just a few games over .500 and Jared Dudley was campaigning to not trade Amar'e Stoudemire. Why? Because, "we need him to compete!". Even Jared Dudley thought the Suns could still be a contender, mid-way through the season following a 12-18 game stretch.

Compare then to now. Ask yourselves, what are the players saying? How is the chemistry? Where is the talent? Can we get better?

Between contending, rebuilding and remaining mediocre, I'd rather we take the rebuilding process if contending isn't a possibility and I don't believe it is.


Now, there are two ways we can go about this, but they both involve the Phoenix FO doing something they don't seem to have the guts to do. Call up New York and Orlando about trading Steve Nash.

It's simple, the Knicks could give us Billups, Landry, Dougles and Shumpert. It's a terrible offer, I know and I don't like it for either team, yet I believe the Knicks would do it if they failed to land CP3.

The Magic could offer Nelson, a couple late 1st round picks and Bass/Anderson. Terrible offer, although I like it a bit more than the former and it may be the best we could get.

Plus, I seriously see the Orlando Magic saying yes to that. They're in a tough situation in that they could lose Dwight Howard for nothing if they don't improve, but the problem is that they can't seem to find the players to convince Dwight to stay.

Nash despite his age, I believe will be enough to convince Dwight. Grant Hill too (I know weird). They get Nash, sign his buddy Hill and bring in another role player or two and they should have a squad better than their previous two versions if not better than their 08-09 version. Hill and Howard should make for a great defensive team while Nash and Howard should make for a great offensive team. I know a lot of Magic fans would be against this because of the age of those guys, but I'm positive that if it really happened, they'd all talk themselves into it including the media. After all, it's not hard to talk yourself into Steve Nash and Grant Hill, especially when Dwight Howard is on your team and Grant is actually healthy. That right there is Championship material.

Back to the Suns. We move on having accomplished the first phase of the rebuilding process. Then next summer, we can add some intriguing, young players through free agency and a few 1st rounders to our group of Jameer Nelson, Bass/Anderson, Gortat, Frye and Dudley. Not a bad way to begin the second rebuilding phase.

What say ye?

[Note by Beavis 25, 12/06/11 9:24 PM PST ]

There is a actually a 4rth option, "Conbuilding". Kerr tried it in 08 and 09 and it worked until Sarver traded Amar'e, Dragic lost his confidence and Lopez his back and legs, but I think it may be too late to try it again. Just wanted to note that.

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