Making Suns fans mad, one trade at a time (or in this case 3)

I say trade Nash now. I know most people would never dream about doing this to Nash with undying love and admiration to the guy, but lets be honest: We dont owe him anything other than the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that has been payed to him. We need to think about the well being of the franchise (no, Steve is not the franchise), and that includes the future. Any trade to a "contender" renders no return for the the Suns. They have nothing to offer, lets be real about that. So I say lets get in on the Chris Paul mumbo jumbo. I'll take it a step further and see what else we can get. soooo....I'm gonna throw in the towel and see what we could do to completely destroy the current roster. Here I go:

Chris Paul for Nash, Morris, Chilly, and 1 to 2 first rounders (offer 1 at first, 2 if not enough). We do it for obvious reasons, Hornets do it for reasons of they get back an all-star/MVP in Nash, young talent in Morris, and a SG in Chilly, of which they dont have ANY on their roster right now. This is assuming Paul signs an extention.

Next we go to the Twolves: Beasley and Milicic for Carter, 2nd round pick. This is assuming Beasley signs an extention around 9 mil a year which is what he (I think?) is worth. Yes i know the Suns are about to cut Carter but this is worth a shot. Wolves probably wouldnt do it, but it would clear a lot of cap space for them to throw money at Love and Rubio, which is what they are going to have to do if they plan on keeping them, as well as clears playing time for the newly drafted Derrick Williams.

Third we go to the Grizzlies: Mayo for Lopez, Warrick, and Lawal again assuming Mayo signs extention for around 9-10 mil a year. I know this is a pipe dream. I would also consider Mayo for Lopez and Frye. I dont see the grizz holding on to Gasol so this trade would give them back talent to replace him, and I dont feel that they will try to keep Mayo regardless.

In free agency we sign (from what I hear are trying to) )Jamal Crawford (around 6-7mil?) and of course re-sign BAMF. Trade PetriDish to the Fakers for a 2nd rounder or something. New roster of:

PG: Paul, Brooks, Dowdell

SG: Mayo, Crawford

C: Gortat, Milicic

PF: Beasley, Fye

SF: Hill, Dudz

The more i look at it the more i hate it. eh. Just thinking about getting something done to get some names in here before its all over. the 2012 free agency period will have no franchise players available and the restricted class will all be overpaid IMO. If we wait much longer we WILL be rebuilding via the draft for years to come because Nash WILL walk away after this year. We should be proactive while people are available.

*EDIT* just thought I'd throw this one out too: Make the Paul deal a three team deal. Paul to Suns. Nash, Lopez to Knicks. Hornets get Billups, M. Morris, Childress along with 2 Suns 1st rounders and a 2013 1st rounder from Knicks....LOL. Knicks do this because they get nash and a center which they currently dont have at all and Nash would definitely sign a cheap extention to stay in New York. Hornets do it for the reason of said above, as well as 3 first rounders, and a ton of cap space with billups expiring contract.

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