The Suns Brain trust i do not know even if you can call it that have a plan, and what ever that may be it will be executed in 2012 so for this season all kind of suckage will be endured (i.e the signing of Sebastian Telfair) therefore patience will be needed this season and doom and gloom will prevail in the game threads.

2012 will have the Phoenix Suns salary cap in a better health and with some creativity 2 max slots available.

The front office if they are really clever should be thinking of our 2 main assets NASH and HILL, they are both not
contracted for next season and we the fans would like them to come back and retire for us but at a more affordable price.

I have not studied the new CBA page by page but what i was thinking was a clever move OKC GM Sam Presti has done as well as the GM of the Wizards. If a team is under the salary cap then they can extend a current players contract for example, Sam Presti gave Kendrick Perkins a contract extension after he was traded last season. but he got an wage increase last year where he was around $5m and it went up to $7m. this was also done with Andray Blatche of the Washington Wizards and Nick Collison of OKC where his contract got front loaded with $12m in his first year and around $3m for the next four years.

So why am i telling you these examples is since we are going to suck this year maybe we can give more money to NASH and HILL this year and have them except less next year. An example would be if we ask HILL what kind of money he is looking for, he says 2 years and $8m and we say this year $7m this year and next year Vets minimum. The same could be done with NASH.

This is kind of an grey area as i do not know if its included in the new CBA but it would be a good tactic to employ this year and have 2 max contract spaces available and sign NASH and HILL on vets minimum deals depending on the number of years they have been in the NBA which would be around $1.5m or higher i do not know the exact number.

One major quirk i do not know is if cap holds count towards this rule maybe someone in the comments knows or this post was useless just like the coming season. Bring on DEC 26.


A new "renegotiation and extension" provision allows an existing contract to be renegotiated so the player is paid a smaller amount over a longer period, but the player's salary cannot decrease by more than 40 percent. Renegotiations previously could only increase a player's salary.

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