An open letter to my Phoenix family

To my dear family,

I realise it's been a while since I've been around and for that, I apologise.  I've been busy at work dealing with ish that no human being should be subjected to and the biggest downside of dealing with it is that I miss Suns games.

It's not an excuse. It's not even a reason. It's an apology.  I've been absent and left you all to fend for yourselves.  DiM - I'm talking mostly about you here.  Your boy/man/Slovenian crush has been taken from you and the whole BSoTS community feels for you. I can't deny I have a little smile at the horrible circumstances but that's the way I deal with stuff now - with black humour and sick jokes.  Scott, you know something about that.

Ah Scott, how I've missed your cutting words and poisonous comments. Thankfully, I still get my fill of that on Twitter so all is not lost.

Mr left the family long before I ever did and even though you return at the strangest of moments, your loss is felt a thousand times more than mine.

Once again family, I apologise for my absence.

But the thing about families is, you know they'll always be there for you when you need them and right now guys and girls (hello girls! Call me, yeah?) I need you.

Why do I need you?  

I need you because I have reached new ground in my life. Unchartered territory that many others have discovered before but for this man, it is a new experience.

I have been given media credentials for the NBA games at the O2 arena in the UK.

That's right, the same man that types stuff like:

"I <3 Mike Lisboa. Dude is straight."


"At the age of 21, I was still playing computer games in my pants"




"I wouldn't do anything with doesn't work properly from what my mother has told me."


My main need for help is based on my cluelessness on how professional media stuff goes down - can any one help with that? There are alotted times for the media to talk to teams and players and access to the locker rooms before and after the games - is it a free for all or do people know the order that the players speak in or when the reporters ask questions? What's the dily-yo with this stuff?


All media I've done before, I've done whatever I want, such is the openness of basketball teams in the UK.


Any help my family, my friends, would be immeasurably appreciated.


Except for any suggestions for me to go f*ck myself.  Those won't be taken on board.


My family, I thank you for your time.


I will be back on these boards one day.  Whether that day is soon, I don't know.  


Until that time, look after yourselves, look after each other and continue to be creative in your abuse of anything that isn't Suns related.


From your loving and caring family member,





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