NBA Draft Picks. 9th Edition.


via watzup shawn?

This is the 9th edition of the NBA draft picks where the number 8 is made by Christian_33

It’s amazing how a draft pick order can change a franchise. A higher pick allow a team to chose a better player. Yes. I said a better player. Comparing the "number 5" to the 6th picks that are not that good. Just imagine Kevin Garnett(5) compared to number(6) Bryant Reeves .If Vancouver won the number 5 and selected 5th (KG), they might not moved to Memphis. Or Dwade(5) to Chris Kaman(6) If Clippers won the number 5 and selected Wade. They might be the better LA team in California. And yes, Lebron might take his talent in Hollywood!. But its not always true Roy(6) compared to Williams(5) etc.


But we are not talking about number 6, we are talking about number 9. This is one of my favorite picks. It produced quality power forwards and dominating shooting forwards and a lot more. Three words to describe the draft (Power forward, Achievers, Franchise players) Comparing number 8 to number 9 is just contrary to our theory based on number 5 and 6. Imagine  Chris Wilcox(8) was picked ahead to Amare Stoudemire(9), Larry Hughes to Dirk Nowitzki and Adonal Foyle to Tracy McGrady.


But yes, it was only "What If’s". A lot of factors affect the picks. Michael Beasley might be the best pick but Chicago needed a PG. And it worked well for them and the NBA. Or the great Michael Jodan which is drafted 3rd only. Or kobe(13) Or even Nash(15). But honestly I love talking about "What if’s". It just make the NBA more entertaining.

I know you don’t need too much talking so, ready to pick your alltime5 and current 5?


Here is the list.



Gordon Hayward


DeMar DeRozan


D.J. Augustin


Joakim Noah


Patrick O'Bryant 


Ike Diogu


Andre Iguodala


Mike Sweetney


 Amare Stoudemire


Rodney White


Joel Przybilla


Shawn Marion 


Dirk Nowitzki 


 Tracy McGrady


Samaki Walker


Ed O'Bannon 


Eric Montross 


Rodney Rogers


Clarence Weatherspoon


Stacey Augmon  


>Phoenix, Philadelphia, Golden State and Toronto selected twice during the past 20 years.

>25 all star appearances and probably 27 on February.

>7 NBA 1st –team selections

>1 MVP


 All-tine Five Przybilla-Stat-Marion-Tmac-Augustin


Current Five Noah-Stat-Igoudala-Derozan-Augustin


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