NBA draft picks 10th edition.

I guess I was supposed to do number eights of these series but I was really busy and never got the chance to do so.

Anyway, here goes.

2010 Paul Georger-Indiana (This guy is an athletic specimen wit a skillset very similar to Danny Granger. Dont believe me, check this out)

2009 Brandon Jennings Milwaukee Bucks (55 points in a game as a rookie)

2008 Brook Lopez New Jersey  (A 7'0 averaging a whopping 4.5 boards since the new year, Awesome!)

2007 Spencer Hawes Sacramento (Hasnt found his niche yet, guy needs to play in the Triangle offense)

2006 Mouhamed Sene-Sonics

2005 Andrew Bynum Lakers (Taken after Charlie Villanueva and Channing Frye!)

2004 Luke Jackson - Cavaliers (Had some skill but a pointless pick b/c Lebron was already the point forward in town. Over the years Cleveland wasted their draft picks instead of helping their Lebron situation)

2003 Jarvis Hayes-Wizards in the stacked 03 draft (Chosen ahead of Pietrus and David west)

2002 Caron Butler-Heat (Exact same case with Paul Pierce, same pick, and should have never went so low. The reason I remember this is Jason Richardson picked fifth to Butlers Tenth, and Vince Carter pick 5 To Pierce's number ten)

2001 Joe Johnson-Celtics (You think the celtics wish they had kept J.J?)

2000 Keyon Dooling-Orlando Magic (He and Corey Maggette, Cash and  Derek strong were traded to the Clippers for a future first round pick. WTF?)

1999 Jason Terry-Hawks (This guy was a BEAST in atlanta, he used to actually average 6+ assists)

1998 Paul Pierce-Celtics (Imagine if The clippers, Raptors, or warriors drafted him)

1997  Danny Fortson-Buck (Traded him to Denver and the following season they drafted Dirk and traded him for the trash man Roberty Taylor. Nothing says tragedy like draft failure!)

1996 Erick Dampier-Pacers (The Stacked 1996 draft that saw Steve nash, Allen Iverson, Ray allen, and Kobe Bryant drafted)

1995 Kurt Thomas-Heat (This guy was and still is an animal)

1994 Eddie Jones-Lakers (I loved Eddie when he was here in La. He served as Kobe's mentor before being traded away)

1993 Lindsey Hunter Pistons (They drafted him and Allan Houston in back to back selections)

1992 Adam Keefe Hawks

1991 Brian Williams- Magic

Overall, the tenth pick is a pretty solid selection.Most of the all-stars from the tenth pick are wing players.Traditionally, the number one pick has seen a lot of overhyped players and the late lottery has seen guys with long NBA careers.

Believe it or not the Bucks, Lakers, Pacers, Heat, Celtics, Magic, and Hawks each chose a player with the tenth pick twice in the past twenty years. Thats pretty crazy.

All-time Five Would be:   PG-Jason Terry

                                             SG- Joe Johnson

                                            SF- Paul Pierce

                                           PF- Kurt Thomas

                                           C- Andrew Bynum

Current five: PG- Brandon Jennings, SG-Paul George, SF-Joe Johnson, PF- Brook Lopez, C-Andrew Bynum

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