The HeartBreaker, not recommended.

Not quite sure why i am so obsess with the Phoenix Suns, I'm not from Arizona, in fact i kind of hate how lawful that state is, im not even from United States, but there is something about watching Nash and Hill playing that makes me fall in love with this team even though they sign Garret Siler and give a 5 year contract to a player they,re not even using.

As a user from BSOTS Dantre said :

Call it knowing that this is probably the end of the Nash era. Yeah, the Suns will move on, but speaking for myself, I’d lose interest in the organization if we resembled most other NBA teams — it’s about seeing Nash and Hill get one more chance.

Not everyone,s case but how many of you would be willing to stay up till 1 am to see Aron Brooks as starting PG, with a team under 400. next season, but isnt AB, is Steve Nash, yeah the Nashy who was ditch by his team, and got a helping hand from Phoenix Suns and became 2 times MVP, yeah that Nashy, who is not leaving the team because of the commitment he has on this franchise, and then is Grant Hill, who through the injures that has bleached his career, he still remains as an elite defensive player and better at age of 38 than most of the players around in the NBA, and i fell like its my duty to cry out loud for this guys, because they wont, its unfair to see how they gamble with the destiny, fool around with players like these two, bringing future but forgetting about the present, not wasting a penny on BIG PLAYERS, and yet hoping that they give a 100%, and they give a 110%.

But things are different, the damage was dealt a long time ago, i think the moment we let Marion and Amare go we lost the NBA Finals shot, some kids started looking good last season but they got in the biggest slumps and left us hopeless, however the Front Office today since a little bit different today than yesterday, they did something so well intentioned that it hurts that it didn't work out as it should, they traded future for present, yeah Dragic for Brooks, we need Brooks, we don't need Dragic, at least not right now, maybe because they want to make a playoff run and sell some tickets, i really don't know, but i,d like to believe the recognize Dragic was stuck and we couldn't keep losing time.

Are we gonna make it to the Playoffs?

Its kind of sad that your success depends on another to fell down, but this is how it is, with a Injure Steve Nash and Fryeless, its hard, its pretty f-word hard, you know things aren't right when you are waiting for Hakim Warrick to evolve into a to go guy from one night to another, but i don't think the Suns franchise is working on that aspect anyway, however i have hope we,re going to make it to the playoffs and we,ll take it from there. New Orleans is so missing the playoffs, and you know anything can happen in Playoffs, the Suns is the team that can easily beat an upset and shine as they know how to.

The future

I know its not the end of the season but i personally fell like i had to let this one out, Nash could play another year for us and so Grant Hill, but they could retire or maybe Suns will ship Nashy away and dont resign Grant Hill, but one thing is for sure, i,ll be a Suns fan forever, I'm not from Arizona, didn't care about basketball til 2005, but i,ll stay because just like Nash and Hill, with this team i,ve seen the greatest moments and I'm sure there will be many more, maybe no right away after Nash-Hill era but they will come for sure, Phoenix is the team who manage to have a SuperStar player every season.

see all of the above, that's something not many other franchise can offer you, right Indiana ?

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