Scary Off-Season : 2


Hey guys, how ya doing ? I'm good, well not really, I'm good in a Nashy way, that means im lying and im scared about what will happen after this season its over, remember all the things we said about STAT, about he would resign with us and in the end he didn't and leaves us like a garbage bag in the middle of the street, wait no, Desert, that's it.

Now picture this or just jump into a crappy reality, Nash asks to be traded, what we would get back for him? more wings? more talentless PF,s? or VC,s SG? you certainly cant expect to get a young prospect for him like Wall, Curry, because nobody will let those guys go for Nash, remember one man trash is another treasure,s , same deal here.

But this ain't the scary part, imagine losing Dudley, Hill and Frye? how would you feel? exactly.

My ideal Off-season would be: Resigning Hill, Go one more year with Nash, get a GOOOD PF and an a decent  SG, and if it has to happen let Robin Lopez go, I don't really care about wings like Pietrus and Carter, get a Backup C.

Yeah its too much changes and probably Nash would feel like this changes make it too harder to develop as a team with 37 years on his back, but what the heck that's my dream it doesn't fucking matters to Saver, FO or Nash.

Lets get real: Nash may leave, probably he will ask out and its ok, its been enough, we have drank every drop of MVP elixir left on this guy, he has done all he can, its ok, he DESERVES to leave, but hey, he loves Phoenix and he loves Grant Hill, i think thats a key factor, if you keep Grant Hill, Nash is very likely to stay.

Now lets draw in blank here say Nash leaves, Say Grant Hill don't get resign, which would be stupid as hell, i wouldn't mine hanging back in draft lottery for a few seasons, but the real trouble is that all our players are ready to go, you cant ask someone like Gortat, Frye, Dudley, Brooks to wait and hold their hunger for a tittle because Nash left, what would you? WHAT WOULD F-WORD SAVER AND FO DO? what would you do if you,re captain leaves and let the ship without any direction from where to go ? would you blow out the team when the incoming draft is said that is one of the more talentless draft in history ? or would you go spend 23 mil on someone like Chris Paul ?

Oh yeah, we are again winning, but why ?, because Phoenix Suns have a lot of money, yeah we do, we could get Chris Paul or some fancy Point Guard, doing the 2 way superstars, get 2 superstars, likely a PG and SG, and give them a good bench, like ours, also add in the mix Grant hill playing D+ Gortat+ Frye... but we don't have a PF? you might be right, but we have a lot of useless wings we could get rid of, never ever trade Dudley that kid is going to be a solid all his career.

I didnt pick any names for Superstars or backup C,s or PF, i,ll let that one to you guys, please rosterbate as more real as you can, the end its just the beginning of something new.  Thanks for reading.

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