I used to bet on the suns

My dad, my bro and myself, we like betting in sports, so if my father is a Celtic, my brother should be a Maverick and whats left to me ? a Sun, and so i was hoping for 2 things tonight, to win 10 bucks, and to see Memphis losing against Dallas ;D

Nothing all above happened...

I don't know whether if be happy or sad for this night, because in the bright side Nash is getting healthier+VC is coming back to life?+A brooks keep showing how good he is, in the Loud City side- BAMF wasn't BAMF- Frye got injure, and that is going to hurt us big time on shooting and rebounding-We lost anyway. Yet Phoenix Suns played like a playoff contender if you take out Lopez, and if all the Referees of Loud City weren't blind because they were rosterbating to hard on getting Lebron during preseason, i think this game would be in the W column.

But seriously here is the thing on the refs, if you gonna call a foul on your best player at least be sure that he gets body contact, the ´´GhOsT´´ DUNK of James Harden just destroyed the whole game+ Westbrook got called everything BUT everything, when he and sefa...yeah, when he and the other guy, ´´stole the ball´´  CLEARLY you could see that Westbrook pushed Nashy away with his arm, and he does that on the offensive side a lot.

Well Memphis got away with a win with the stupid useless Dallas Maverick, even that went wrong...sigh...I'm so pissed when i fall in love with Frye then all of the sudden, Kevin durant, i meant BAM!, he gets injure and when VC proved my usual yell ´´NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NO PLEASE DONT F****CKING SHOOT THE BALL OH MY GOD I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF´´... wrong, he missed 2-3 FTS.

However, we can ride this playoff race without Frye at the moment, we facing Houston and Denver, we should be able to win those in home, without ICMF, besides this team got a perfect chemistry developed, whats the key to beatdown those suckers? Chipmunk, a.k.a Hakim Warick and Rolo, yep, get those 2 guys going and lets fear the Sun ?

To conclude the worst part of the night was, i lost 10, my bro lost but he doenst give a Vince Carter and my dad won, i hate that old guy...

Here,s a little something with love from the Loud City Blog :


Westbrook & Harden were the difference. Really excited to see these two gel over the next few weeks.

That said, I cannot deny the reffing was horrendous, and slanted in the Thunder’s favor.

by Dogburt on Mar 6, 2011 6:58 PM PST reply actions  

Scott : Dude i just read your article and it was nothing interesting or pessimist enough.

Me: well your mom sucks more than the ref calls on last game.

Euthycus: Ouch...bytch

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