The 2011 NBA Playoff Contest


For the Phoenix Suns their season may be over, but for the NBA the real season is only just beginning.  It is a time when heroes are born and stars shine. A time of sadness and joy, happiness and heartbreak. It is what separates the boys from the men and the contenders from the pretenders. It is, The NBA Playoffs!

Now, I know many of you may not be so excited and I definitely understand. Because since 1980 the Suns have made the playoffs 25 times which is an incredible feat, so it's kind of hard to not feel disappointed or to even be excited for these playoffs when the Suns aren't in it. I mean without the Suns who will be the lovable underdog that falls in dramatic fashion? NO ONE! I'm sorry, but nobody else can do it as well as them. Nobody can replace the Phoenix Suns. It's just not the same...

What's the Playoffs without the Phoenix Suns?  Not awesome, that's for sure. I mean it's ok..., but it's not awesome. Again, I'm sorry, but the Suns are responsible for 40% of the NBA's awesomeness. That's a huge chunk, take them out, take Nash out, take Dudley out and what are you left with? The Celtics, Lakers and some guy named Rondo (most overrated player ever), BORING!  Yea, what are the playoffs without this and this and this and this and this! NOT AWESOME!

So what are we going to do? What can the people of Planet Orange do from now until the draft? Is there any way we can enjoy the playoffs without our beloved Suns? Yes and yes.

Here is what I propose...

The 2011 NBA Playoffs Contest

Wildcatsfan1, a buddy of mine had an ideal. It's simple really, you just predict which teams win in the playoffs and whoever ends up with the most points...well, wins. What do you win? NOTHING! Hey, as Suns fans we're all used to that right? I'm kidding (sort of). This is just for fun and I guess you could say the winner gets bragging rights.

Here are the rules:

1. Participants pick ONE round at a time. This contest will be on a round by round basis.

2. You get 3 points for each correctly picked first round series, 5 for each each second round, 8 for the Conference Finals and 10 if you pick the NBA Champ. Also, you will get 2 bonus points for each series that you were correct on the number of games it went to. 

3. Prior to the start of playoffs, there will be a prediction bonus that will last the entire postseason. You will pick the two teams who you think will make the Finals, the length of that series, the winner of that series as well as who the Finals MVP will be. You get 5 points for each correctly picked team, another 5 for guessing the winner, 5 more if you guess the amount of games and 10 if you guess the Finals MVP.

4. There will be 3 bonus questions for each round, each being worth 5 points. This is to help those who really suck at guessing the out-come of a series, so they're not completely out of it.

5. Your bracket must be in before the 1st game of the playoffs or your not eligible. I know this is kind of late to post because it doesn't give you much time, but oh well. Those who aren't eligible or who don't want to play can still post their predictions for fun. I just won't count them.

6. The tiebreaker will be total points scored in the NBA Finals. Closest to the total without going over wins. A 2nd tiebreaker will be the total Free-throws attempted in the Finals without going over. You have to make those predictions before the playoffs start.

7. Every Entry must be in by tip-off of the Bulls and Pacers series on Saturday at 1PM ET. You cannot change you picks prior to each series.



Lets begin!

The Matchups are above.

The 3 Bonus Questions for round 1 are:

1. Which player will score (not average) the most points?
2. What team will have the highest AST/TO ratio?
3. Which player will collect (not average) the most rebounds?

Here is an example of an entry;

SA in 6
LA in 5
Dallas in 6
Thunder in 7

Chicago in 4
Orlando in 7
Boston in 5
Miami in 6


1. Smush Parker
2. Miami Heat
3. Brian Scalabrine

Finals Bonus:

Grizzlies over Bulls in 5
Finals MVP= Tony Allen


1. 1200 pts
2. 200 fts

Please, don't forget the tiebreakers. I will also be updating this post after each round to let you guys know your score.

Alrighty than, who wants to play? I know many of you don't have lives and have nothing better to do, so come on! Post your entries!

Links for guidance Playoff coverage

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