The Front Office can still make a difference but the time is now.

To start of my annual rosterbation post i must say i am impressed by how many comments we get on a post each night and our team is not even in the playoffs well done boys and girls. it shows you all are true fans and love to see the teams you hate loose so we can mock then and feel better about our team not making it this year.

Talking about feeling better about ourselves our beloved franchise has come to an crossroads, rebuild or retool is the question i am sure the front office is trying to work out whilst the media are saying rebuild time to trade MVSteve let BAMF sign onto a title contender and start getting  picks and young athletic talent. Since the front office in
Babby is saying Steve is staying and we are not trading him so is Coach and Nash has said it at the end of the season who knows what will happen. All i know is i have watched this team without Nash and it does not look pretty. Lets hope he sort all his pelvic and groin issues out in the off season.Steve loves the City,the weather his twin girls and boys are here so i think he might sign an extension if the FO do a good job in the off season.

Since the CBA is coming to an end after the NBA Finals no one will know what the future will look like and Sarvar has said he hired Babby to see if they are any loopholes they can find in the new CBA because he was a Lawyer/Agent for many many years so he know what he is doing we hope.To be honest i think since we are still in this CBA their is a little rule as when your season finishes i.e if you do not make the playoffs you can started trading players again but you can only start trading player who are under contract for next season so we can not package Grant Hill for a trade since the last day of the regular season he was paid and his contract finished and he is a free agent but we still hold his bird rights.

Just some personal random observations the contract to Amare was fair its just he want to be the man on the team in the biggest city on earth as you could see early on the season he embraced it and was early season MVP candidate was on all the TV talk shows and was a New York star  but Mike D played him out of position and too many minutes that is maybe why he got injured plus that $100m contract has no insurances and when Carmelo came i personally think it took the gloss of Amare being the main guy on the team as Carmelo is a local native and its his boyhood team.

If and when the time comes when we loose Steve Nash the only replacement in terms of point guard play and shooting percentage numbers who is even close to him is Steph Curry . This season SC was 3rd in 3PT% and 1st in FT% in the entire league. Steve currently has the Free throw Percentage title but when it comes to Steph and his last game he will have that title my prediction of the future.

Since we don't know what the salary cap or whatever else will look like and all the scare mongering the owners and the David Stern are doing. our projected salary for next season will be $52m that is when we buyout THE CORPSE and his contract and i am assuming his $4m will still be left which will still be on the books for that year. so it looks like we wont be signing any major players in the off season who will make a impact and as Sarvar or someone on the site wrote a post which said you either get lucky in the draft and get a franchise player or you trade for one. Since looking at the playoffs and how each team are improving out in the west we cant stay and do nothing and wait for the new CBA. we must start trading now with other teams who are also not in the playoffs.

To win you need efficiency in your shooting and consistency in  your play game after game and we need it in two starting positions i.e SG and PF. Here are the following SG i would like to play for our team next season and if their is a player on this list i have missed its because i don't like him to be on our team and or i consider him a small forward.

The following stats are from ESPN Stats and ranked in the SG category only.

Marcus Thornton 23 years old  6`4= since he was a 2nd round pick i cant find his qualifying number so looks like he will be an unrestricted free agent. he puts up big numbers, but not efficiently 19in FG%  27th 3pt%  22nd FT% scored 933 points on two different teams this season which ranks 21st in the SG pool

Arron Afflalo 25 years old 6`5= Restricted free agent, consistent starting player plays defense and 2nd FG% 2nd in 3PT% 11th in FT%. he has scored 867 points which ranks 23rd in the SG pool all from starting 69 games.

Courtney Lee 25 years old 6`5= under contract for Houston untill 2012, played well year before when he was starting for NJN, 672 points which ranks 34th in the SG pool from 81 games of the bench and 1 game starting. 8th 3PT% due to him coming off the bench he doesn't shoot much due to him playing 20 mins therefore he doesn't qualify in FG% and FT% but they were  439FG% 792FT%.

OJ MAYO 23years old 6`4 = had some problems with the team and nearly got dealt at the deadline so maybe his available. came of the bench only started 17 of 71 games. 29 in 3PT% 25in FG% (was the last person who qualified for the category) didn't qualify for FT% due to not going to the line more often, scored 803 points for 26th on the SG list whilst Afflalo  whilst starting scored 867(23rd), good player maybe change of scenery would do him good.

Stephen Jackson 33 years old 6`8 =plays on bad/rebuilding team has $19.3m left for next 2 years after this season and  was the teams go to player so he shot the ball more, decent all round player who played and started only 67 games scored 1240 points for 13th in the SG category 24th FG% 40th in 3PT% and  16th in FT%

Jamal Crawford 31 years old 6`5= unrestricted Free agent comes of the bench to play 6th man but plays 30 mins
played all 76 games off the bench  1077 points make him 15th amongst SG and VC scored 1022points at 17th
21st in FG% 38 3PT% 7th FT%


vCART GP=72  POINTS=1022 17TH FG% 16TH 3PT% 33 FT% 26TH

We need to look at the VC contact as that same as the Eric Dampier contract. Cuban was clever he traded Dampier and turned it into Tyson Chandler who has made a huge difference to their side and MJ just Waived/bought Dampier out. we need to give this kind of financial relief to a team and the team i personally choose is the Detroit Pistons.

The proposed trade which works on and ESPN trade machine would be we gladly and i mean gladly give them Vince Carter and $3m cash(incentive to buy his contract out well their new billionaire owner can cough up the other $1m) and we get Richard Hamilton and Ben Wallace who we say to them we will buy out his 2012 contract ($2.2m) and he can sign with them and finish his career there. i am sure Detroit will ask for a 1st round pick but i say beep off and take the offer and i think they will cave into the demands as he is owed $12.5m in 2012 and 2013 and it will cut their 2012 salary down to about $38m.

Richard Hamilton 33 years old 6`7= plays on a bad team who need to deal him got 2 years left on his contract($25m), has won a ring. had problems with the coach and front office and TPrince will find a new team so most of his championship winning team has gone. good veteran efficient scorer/ defender should be fresher having only played 55 games and started 39 to score 777 points28th in SG category did not make the FG% category but shot 288-671.429  20th 3PT% 10th FT%

If anyone has a better player we can have and kind of switch with VC contract please comment below.
since i was writing this i did the word check and got to 1400 words so i thought instead of doing the
second part of my evil master plan and research the stats and  find our starting PF and i will just
quickly list them and say who we should trade for.

Paul Milsap= under contract we nearly acquired him at the deadline the FO might go for him again since they have Al Jefferson and the young DFavours on the roster.

Kris Humphries= free agent played well in his contract year. i will be surprised if NJN let him become a free agent.

Carl Landry= free agent played well for two different teams, will hit free agency and currently is "killing it" against LAL

ABargnani= plays at centre but we all know he is a PF. his Dirk lite as he can shoot from all over the floor

DArthur= someone to look our for in the future only in his second year and came off the bench and made a difference in 20 minutes of play.

So trade number 2 says we send Robin Lopez and Mickael Pietrus to the Houston Rockets for Luis Scola and Courtney Lee (trade only works if MP picks up his option for 2012) and send 2012 future 1st Round Pick (maybe a 2014 one as well) we get two decent positions in SG and PF filled for the starters. =Houston do it because they get a centre and i think Robin and his health and legs would have improved over the summer and also they have a pf playing centre in Chuck Hayes and they  have Patrick Patterson and Jordan Hill and they can have MP to help will defence they lost with Shane Battier a veteran presence at their SF position and his contract is for 2012 only.
also this trade will help the Rockets get down under the Luxury tax for this season.

Luis Scola= top 10 in scoring and top 15 in FG% in the PF rankings he got 606 total rebounds and Amare got 636 and LS only played 74 games(Amare 78 games). he has 4 more years (at8m,9m,10m,11m) after this years contact and his last year is non guaranteed .

So my thinking is i am not ready for the Suns to be rebuilding whilst Nash is still on the roster i want to give 2Time and BAMF  another chance to make the a deep run in the playoffs .I do not think we can be players in free agency and build a deep team therefore i think we should go down the trade route. we all know VC is not going to be on the roster next year so we need to see if we can flip  his contract for something decent. i personally have not seen much of Richard Hamilton to  make a decision to join our team and be a  starting SG but can he be any worse than VC? maybe hopefully not. i think we can all agree if the FO can flip Lopez for a decent starting PF then i am sure we would be all for it. i guess only time will tell what our roster will be like at opening game but lets hope the FO has some magic and we can do the we missed the playoffs year before and this season we can go to the Western Conference Finals again HOPEFULLY.

SO boys and girls who would you like to see realistically at  SG and PF on opening day?

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