Middle Of The Desert Meetup

Greetings, Bright Siders!

I noticed a recent trend of posters here wanting to meet in person. Strange that this influx has coincided with the end of the Suns season. With that in mind, I propose the following:


Here's how it works. After the Suns 2010/11 season officially ends, we meet at an undisclosed location somewhere in the North Valley. From there, we wait until midnight and then travel to a completely random location somewhere in the desert for a crazy night of bonfires and mind-altering substances for the purpose of forgetting all about basketball for one night. Said mind-altering substances will not be provided; think of it as BYOM-AS. Hallucinogenics are definitely recommended.

You might want to bring the following items.

  • Something that you want lit on fire. We need to set the night sky ablaze. This is the appropriate time and place to exorcise any demons that you have. I will be extending an invite to Vince Carter, but shhh, don't tell him why. 
  • As I touched on earlier, LSD, peyote, magic mushrooms, or anything to assist in turning your brain inside-out are recommended. Actually, they are almost required. If plain ole' firewater is your bag, then that's good enough for me. 
  • Acme Co. brand Rattlesnake and Coyote Repellent. This is crucial. An attack by an angry rattlesnake can really fuck up a good time. And folks, if one of your fellow Bright Siders forgets to bring his or her Acme Co. brand Rattlesnake and Coyote Repellent, please share. I'd like to get through this with minimal casualties.
  • Water. A whole lot of water.
  • An animal costume is not required, but it is again recommended. I will be Proud Bear, wearing an 80 lb. bear skin complete with the bear's head, which will be perched atop of my own. I'm stating this for the record so that no one else wears the same costume as me (I would be pissed).
  • A sleeping bag big enough to accommodate at least two people, in case we start bonding more than anticipated.

More details to come, this is a one-time only excursion that some people might not be strong/crazy enough to survive, so only the people who have serious issues to rectify need apply. I also must warn that this experience may have an irreversible effect on your psyche, but some people need that kind of thing.

Also, non-Bright Siders (or pagans, as I call them) are not welcome. No exceptions.

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