Phoenix Suns Coaching staff IMHO

You might call this an evaluation but that is just too much of a cliche ;p Lets roll....

So here are the guys who run the Phoenix suns Offense and Defense, rotations, practices and training camp :

Coaching Staff
 Alvin Gentry
: Head Coach
 Bill Cartwright: Assistant Coach
 Igor Kokoskov: Assistant Coach
 Dan Majerle: Assistant Coach
 Noel Gillespie: Assistant Coach / Advance Scout
 Nenad Trajkovic: Assistant Coach / Player Development

Lets break those numbers

Alvin gentry, has been a coach in 4 NBA teams , Detroit, Miami, Los Clippers and Phoenix suns. that's it.

Bill Cartwright, 3 times NBA champion,1991-1993, NBA All-Star and NBA All-Rookie first time the same year 1980. note that one of those championships were against phoenix in 4-2 series and oh yeah he was in Jordan,s team.

Igor Kokoskov, yeah, he,s been here 2 seasons.

Dan Majerle, 2 times defensive team and 3 times NBA All Star.

Noel Gillespie, he has been an scout for 8 years now.

Nenad Trajkovic, this imbecile has a website

Now lets do the talking and compare to other teams, shall we ?

Phoenix has been a offensive team and after Mike D´Anthony,s era its been a incredible fast pace that has developed amazing players, see Steve Nash and Stoudemire , Raja Bell grew here and so Shaw Marion, when Gentry arrives he got a winner team, a good balance team at least, and he managed to take it to WCF and then losing to the Lakers as Kobe pwned his ass after shooting a dagger to the series. then Amare left and the phoenix suns got a new FO, that brought Hedo and Hakim Warrick along with Joss Childress, as the seasons unfolds Gentry explained it should take more time to this guys to clip, something that never happened, FO decides to make another trade and getting 3 more soldiers to the army of Steve Nash, so we traded Jason Richardson, Earl Clark and Hedo Turkoglu in exchange for Marcin Gortat, Vince Carter and Michael Pietrus.

And believe me, i think our coaching staff could handle things better, see i think what VC did was a disrespectful thing to do, to just play careless when almost everyone was trying hard to advance to playoffs, and i blame gentry hard  for keeping him on rotation instead of letting any other player find his role as a Starter SG or just develop, besides Gentry does not have enough Balls, for lack of a better word, i dont think VC would have play like that in Chicago or Boston neither LA. however he kept him on rotation bringing down our offensive.

Then its the rotation experiment that failed, Lopez is having confident issues, he might be injured, gortat is playing well, what you obviously need to do is to take Lopez out of rotation and let Gortat ride the pine along with steve Nash, even though he play must minutes it does have an amazing mental impact on NBA players to be a starter or a bench player, maybe Lopez would have realized that he is indeed hitting rock bottom and start doing something about it.

Playing with new toys

I dont blame, and i cant really do, Phoenix suns Coaching Staff for not being able to glue all the new guys well, because there were a lots of trades, but i do blame them for not getting the best out of them, E.G Hakim Warrick, ok so he aint a real PF, he is heavyweight SF who cant shoot 3s, what you need to do is making him go to the rim and either try to get foul or a get two points, because he at least has the size to do that, dont get him to shoot Mid range jumpers cuz that aint his role.

Brooks, lets stop the hate on this kid and look at his pro,s , the kid can shoot and he can shoot pretty pretty well, i would say our best shooter at the moment, dont make him a PG a la Steve Nash, just use him as what he is a Shooter, there is a such thing call a Offensive Point Guard, look at Barea.

While i believe players are able to develop new skills i think its way more effective to use them as what they are, pieces, pieces that you try to combine to make a good team and make them play hard everynight, Boston got lots of new players and what ? they all knew how to cope well, Nenad Kristic, my favorite Delonte West did an amazing job in playoffs, i would like to have him as back pg and so did Jeff Green, and Memphis too did well adding new pieces and using them as what they are, Shane Battier, can he shoot ? kinda, can he D? pretty well, he is bench player but hell he play D on the best scorer of the other team he wasnt asked to Shoot more or just to be who he is, Both teams  know how to do that, Phoenix suns not so much.

Dan majerle and our offensive

Its been a disaster all year long and its been cuz our coaching staff aint that good, as simple as that, seriously having Pietrus and Gortat on the same team is a pretty upgrade in the defensive side and so does Brooks on the offensive, and lets be clear about something, you might be a good individual defender but defense is all about defensive rotation, what it means is that if Jdudz its handling Kobe and Warrick is trying style his afro while Pau gasol is wide open, then Kobe will pass and gasol will make 2 points easily and that brings everyone down, Dan majerle has failed designing defensive rotations, some would blame the players, but the fact is that Nash did play defense in Dallas as a somewhat decent point guard , when he arrived he forgot about that, so did Lopez and others.

Phoenix and offensive struggle should not be in the same page but it has been the story of the 4th quarter, that to me is really shocking, i know Nash was injure for sometime, and Channing frye too, so it,s really our players fault who cant creater their own shots and make our offensive sucky? ive seen Chicago, yeah chicago, play good offensive, maybe because of D rose but they all score, i cant really tell, i,ll leave this one to you guys .


-Phoenix Coaching Staffs lacks of Guts to make players have enough respect to play hard every single day

-we dont have any defensive rotation and we dont play offensive scheme, we just hope and pray for Steve Nash to save us.

-We dont know how to integrate or use new pieces.

-I hope all i,ve wrote its damm wrong and Phoenix prove it next season.


I do think Gentry is a good coach but only if he has the right pieces to coach, thats a pretty F word inside, isnt it ;p ?

I hope our FO gets uses Pietrus as Back up SF or Let him go, and let VC corpse rest in peace so they can bring a good SG and PF via FA, Aflallo and Samuel dalembert please.

Excuse typos and misspells really, i,d try to edit them.

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