The (most likely)Suns Roster for Next Season

With the Suns not appearing in the playoffs there has been a lot of downtime for us Suns fans. We had the combine and the draft order determined, but thats just opened the minds for rosterbation. The major question going into this off season is what will the roster be like next year?

While its nice rosterbating about getting Gasol, Milsap, or Love, here is the roster going into next season that is most likely.

Note: Due to a possible new CBA rules, RFA could go away and just be FA, or have 1 more year then a regular FA. Lets just assume the old rules for now.

First is the current roster and contract situation(encase you don't know):


So a recap for those who don't like clicking links:


  • Grant Hill is a FA (probably will come back with 1-2 year deal)
  • Zabian Dowdell is a FA (hope we sign him for a cheap 2 year deal. good depth)
  • Matt Janning is a FA (probably not be back)
  • Mickael Pietrus has a player option (may be back. not sure)
  • Aaron Brooks is a RFA. Now the current RFA rules is that Brooks can NOT be traded after the trade deadline. He is basically a FA but we have to right to match any offer another team offers him. If the change and all RFA are FA, then he can sign anywhere. If the rules change and all RFA have to play out that 1 year then become FA, then we have him for 1 more year. It depends on what happens. Either way, the odds of us trading him are slim. I hope we can because I'd love to get some value from him.
  • Vince Carter can be bought out for cheap. Because of this he will either be bought out by us or traded to a team for cap relief.


That leaves us with:

PG: Nash/Brooks/Dowdell

SG: Dudley/Pietrus

SF: Hill/Childress

PF: Frye/Warrick/Lawal

C: Gortat/Lopez/Siler

The FO is in an interesting predicament with Lopez. they can either trade him with VC, or hold onto him and hope he develops. Tough call. I would like to see him traded. Siler has shown enough upside to be the backup to Gortat, and is willing to work hard to be a good player. Its no wonder why the coaching staff likes the kid. 

Warrick I hope isn't with the team next year, and hopefully can be traded. Not sure if we can but the FO should try. 

The lacking pieces this team needs is at the SG and PF position. SG more than PF. I like Frye as our starting PF. He has improved his game quite a bit even if the numbers don't prove it. I think 1 solid year with Gortat and a STABLE lineup will do wonders for Frye. I also feel the same about Dudley. The kid has developed his game a ton since coming over to us from the trade and is worthy of the starting SG role. I think if he continues to work hard like he does he will be a really good starting SG. I wouldn't be totally opposed moving Dudley to the bench if the right SG comes around in FA.

The bench is the unit that needs the most tinkering/upgrading. We need a quality SG behind Dudley(not a fan of Pietrus), and a good backup for Frye. Warrick was not getting it done in his reserve role. I would like to see if Lawal can take the backup PF spot from Warrick, and sign a good SG for the bench(or move Dudley and get a good starter). Also I think the team should get Jimmer in the draft if he is available. He is one of the only college prospects this year that has all star potential. The draft only has a couple and if we can get one with our pick, its worth the risk. I also see him as an upgrade at backup PG.

Next years roster looking like:

PG: Nash/Jimmer/Dowdell

SG: Dudley/FA/Pietrus

SF: Hill/Childress

PF: Frye/Lawal/Warrick 

C: Gortat/Siler

I like that lineup. Yeah not shaking it up a ton like how everyone else is, but I think with Frye's, Dudley's, and Gortat's expanding game, plus a season playing as a unit, this team will be good. Remember that last year we mixed up the starting roster WAY to much. Nash needs to get cohesion with his players. Adding Jimmer to the point and now you have added a good scoring threat to the bench and a good young PG. Attract a FA like Nick Young or Jamal Crawford, and you got our a good team for next year. Depending on the FA this could easily be a playoff team. Championship? I don't see it. But its good, and loaded with solid young prospects.

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