We are moving foward but where ?

These days have been tough, with all the trades speculations and the draft coming this site is really hot right now, but one thing is sure Lon Babby and Lance Blanks are here to make something happen, they have not talk about what is what is going through those heads, so i,ll try to approach as much as i can.

If Nash stays...

Dammit, if Jason Kidd got a Championship at this age, maybe Nash can do so, but hey he need some pieces to help him out, here are those pieces in order of importance:

-Grant Hill



-A go to scorer

-A defensive / rebounder PF or Back Up C

So are the other guys expendable ? not really, Nash has said that he likes to develop chemistry with his teammates, he even said once the season was reaching his end, that they were STILL trying to figure out things, i believe so, i really think that if the roster we have right now had a full training camp and 82 games together they would have gotten further, however they wouldn't be able to compete for a championship.

Guys like Jared Dudley and Michael Pietrus are what we need in our bench because they both can play defense and both can get the offensive going, while i hate and dislike Joss Childress, he might be able to help the team getting some much need put backs as we have seen him done that.

JChilly,VC, Brooks , Lopez, PudgeMonster, those are the pieces you look foward to move, either because you dont have the time to make them good , bad contracts and lets be honest, Pudgemonster IS NOT CRACKING THE ROTATION next year.

I think, i,ve seen enough from Hakim Warrick, i think he is valuable even though maybe other guys differ, he can shoot mid range, but he can also dunk, he can jump, he needs to learn how to box out, Warrick is player nash enjoys and if you really think differently just look at the 10 `plays of the suns this year, two were Hak Dunks fed by Nash.

FA list is really stocked on rotation hardworker players, so im gonna shot out some of the more realistic signs we should pursue:

-Samuel Dalembert 6´11 C but can play PF 8 rebs, 1.5 blk and he avgs 8 pts but he can really improve on pts

-Reggie Evans, a real bull, 11 rebs, 0.2 blk and 2 pts, he should be cheap to get and he wont get as many rebs as last season but he has the body to box out anyone.

-Jason Richardson, i know he would like to comeback, no need to adrees info right ? he had a low postseason performance , should be cheap.

-Michael Redd, 6´6, we know he can shoot and we know he can D, is he healthy? is he worth the try ? at this point there aint so much to pick from, im sure he would be CHEAP.

-Delonte West, not only he nailed Lebron´s mom, he can D and he can pass, he can shoot, he is all you want for a back up PG.

-Nene, oh yeah way better than Brazil Blur, Nene would be the perfect fit to our system, not he only he can score greatly but his D is awesome, he can play PF all right, and that would be an amazing BackCourt, but he would be high pretty high and even if we had the money to get him, i dont think he would come to Phoenix.

-Shane Battier, because he is just pretty darn charming, and because he is a SF who can reb who can shoot the 3 and play defense to drain people like Kobes and Wades o Roses and Durants to a really bad night . THIS IS A PIECE I REALLY WANT.

Note: any of those players are projected to come here either by a trade of expendables and picks or just signs, i dont see any of them comingby trading our valuble players.

If we rebuild

If Front Office ever decides to Tank, well that seems to be pretty sad for Phoenix Suns fans, i,ll be long gone when Nash is gone, just teasing, but really we have no future star to rely on, we dont have the pick to get a future star, we could try to reach for the 2nd pick this year, but really, i mean really, if you all have read that this draft has not a single all star to come, why this year would you waste your time on drafts ?

However some teams has good pieces to build around here are the ones i,ll try reach for

Michael Redd because he is young enough to pick up his game in 3 seasons

I,ll try to get Greg Oden too

Get Jonas Valanciunas

And get a nice PG maybe a John Wall or a Ricky Rubio, something solid.

We could get better pieces with the ones we got now, if we were to tank, Grant Hill is really wanted in this league, so does Nash and so Gortat, just a few players in trades involving them and get lots of talents that has no explode yet.



I think we also need a new point of view, you think of Phoenix, and you think 120 pts per game and really cool comebacks and reallly cool plays, but have we ever win with that , ask San Antonio how cool is to play defense and have borings players that can execute all night long, they just needed Manu and it worked great, but we are getting out of subject.

We need to play defense and continue being the same Offensive Machine we have been all this time, we need to play better offensive schemes and teach every player what are their roles in this team, what i mean by this ?

Hakim Warrick´´ you can shoot Mid J,s , thats ok, but you gotta work your ass off under the rim and get at least 2 offensive rebounds per game, also need to box out and play hard nose D those who are getting to comfortable next to the rim´´

Brooks ´´ you cant pass or D , so as long as you,re here, you have to become the J,J Barea copycat, dont try to pass that much, go take the shot your comfortable with, if aint a good shot then you pass it, because you,re shooting point guard, not a passer or defensive, you aint no Kidd´´

I feel like our Staff have failed on giving some directions to our players, i dislike Thiboudeau or whatever, and Scotty Brookes or whatever they,re named, they both failed to adapt their roster to play other teams. Erik spoelstra or whatever, thats the kind of GM i like, he teach his players how to play D and make some of them pretty good scorers look at Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, they both did a great job, none expected to.

Thanks for reading, please dont kill yourself after reading this and have a nice day.

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