Storytime: Tell Me About The Time You Were Most Mad At The Phoenix Suns

Hi friends - it's your old pal Scott Howard back to provide some of my unique writing stylings. I apologize for interrupting the Dallas Mavericks love-fest but I wanted to ask a random question to my fellow fans. That question is in the title but here it is again - in quote form so it stands out:

What singular event in Suns history has made you the most pissed off at the franchise?

There's a few conditions here:

  • It had to be something the franchise (meaning the players, coaches, front office, ticket folks, president, usher, parking lot attendant, Go-Rilla) did. So that means you can't just say "Well the time Stoudemire/Diaw got suspended for leaving the bench."  You can say you were mad at Amar'e Stoudemire and Boris Diaw for leaving the bench or Phil Weber for not breaking their legs to prevent them from moving - but being mad at the NBA for suspending them doesn't count.
  • It also has to be one thing. You can't just say "all the moves Robert Sarver has made" - it's got to be one specifically that pissed you off. Like effectively letting Joe Johnson walk (yes I know they traded him).
  • Please don't adjust for your age. If you were a child and super pissed that the team traded Dennis Johnson for Rick Robey to the point where you wouldn't come out of your room for a week that's cool and that counts. Maybe as an adult you was pretty upset about Amar'e leaving but you probably still got up in the morning for your dead end job and kissed your horrible spouse before driving off for work in your economy vehicle that gets good gas mileage.

I hope that makes sense. If that doesn't make sense then in all likelihood it's your fault and not mine.

By way of example, here's when I was most mad at our fair basketball squadron. As someone who grew up in the Valley I also grew up as a huge Kevin Johnson fan. I had his posters on my wall, I begged to get his shoes, and I thought he was basically the greatest thing that ever happened to sports. As he aged I was looking for a new favorite player to carry the huge burden of being my hero - enter a high flying wingman from Wisconsin, Michael Finley.

Almost from day 1 I thought Michael Finley was the bees knees. I amassed a particularly impressive collection of his rookie cards, cursed Brent Barry when he stole the Dunk Contest (wearing his warmup jacket no less...gross), and thought he was the future of the franchise. All this happened when I was between 11 and 12 - frankly I thought Finley and I would grow up together as player and fan, celebrating championships arm in arm.

Thus imagine my horror when the day after Christmas in 1996, the Suns dealt Finley, Sam Cassell, AC Green, and a second round pick to Dallas for Jason Kidd (and scrubs Loren Meyer / Tony Dumas). I was enough of a basketball junkie at the time to know how talented Kidd - then just a 23 year old - was but that did not stop my fan fury. For a few days I even considered jumping ship to become a Mavericks fan (I know, right?) going as far as sauntering into the Hat Club at my local mall to see if I could get a hat.

Obviously I didn't ultimately stray from my first love (and didn't get a new hat), I even learned to tolerate Kidd's All-NBA level abilities (I was benevolent like that). I now realize that was a great trade for the Suns but for some reason watching Jason Kidd celebrate a title called that memory to mind. 

Anyone else have a similar story or just generally some moment that made you want to punch the Suns in the face?

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