Draft day rumors

So the day is finally here. There has been endless discussion concerning this day since the end of our season, which was regrettably the same day as the end of the regular season. Who should we get and why? Do we go for best player available or do go for need? Are we looking for upside in the likes of Thompson or Biyombo? Or a proven player like Marcus Morris? Or a known glue guy and hustler like Faried? PF,SG, SF, or PG? Lots of things to think about and that is just to start.

Rumors: There have been rumors involving the Suns and the #2 pick involving Nash or Gortat. If talks actually did occur they never went that far. Though we are still looking at acquiring that pick our two best players are likely not involved. Since Minnesota has better offers on the table than we could really offer that idea is mostly dead (though could be resurrected, remember what happened in Princess Bride when Wesley was mostly dead). Our front office has also dropped a few hints as to who we might pick in Iman Shumpert or Markieff Morris. These are likely a smokescreen, but what are we hiding.

Trades: This is where there is likely to be a flurry of activity today. Some of the rumors that have been surfacing over the last few weeks will finally be finalized today. Let's break these down to picks and players

Players: Josh Smith has long been favored by the fans of this site is officially available. Is he actually a target of our FO? Atlanta is looking for expirings and maybe a young player. VC, and Lopez could be a good option for them.

Paul Milsap seems to be available but would likely come with the extra contract of Devin Harris. Both of these guys are solid players but do we want all that salary for wanting Milsap.

Iggodala has been all over the league. Nothing has been tied to us, and we are not likely to be involved since we could not offer anything comparable to what the SIxers have already been offered.

Tony Parker and George Hill are on the block as well. Hill I like but Parker does not fit our system. They are looking for lotto picks and to unload Jefferson's contract.

Lakers seem to be making Odom available in multiple situations. Not likely we would even deal with a division rival.

Of course Monta Ellis seems to be available as well

Picks: This is where things get interesting. Almost every pick has been rumoured to be available over the last few weeks, but the hot ones are 7-10 (11 if you count our attempt at it). Most are looking for some form of talent. The Bucks (10) are hoping to unload Maggette in the deal. I am pretty sure that Detroit would like to unload Hamilton with the 8th selection. These spots are ones we know are available.

So, that is where things stand this morning. I have to say that I am hoping we work the phones today and become involved with some of these players/picks. The two players I most covet would be Iggy or Josh Smith. We have the assets to get at least one of those guys (pipe dream to get both, though we would be contenders again). What I would also like to see is us get another pick or two. I would love to move up a few slots and grab some extra talent. It would not be bad either to acquire a lower pick so that we could add some the guys we like but are not worth a lotto pick. Shumpert or Faried come to mind for this.

So have at it. Think of this as a new form of rosterbation known as drafterbation.

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