Post Draft PHX and the(immediate) Future

Hello all im  a long time listener or ghost reader and first time poster. With all the Drama of the draft and possible deals finally over, its time now that we can come back to reality. first off let me say that even though i was miffed that we msde no deals im still pleased with the pick. Morris, who fits our team better and has PF qualities than his bro, will fit great. we had to be realistic with out pick. Markeif was better NOW than any PF that wasnt euro maybe and the most complete. sure tristan has amazing "upside" (biggest buzz word in this draft than any other btw) but hes not ready for a team thats trying retool for a playoff run now. With this pick its saying we not yet rebuilding as shown by keeping thorat and kid nashty. Morris will be what we needed that kept us out the playoffs. Rebounding and size which are the 2 things that translate in the NBA best. he will complete gortat and our shooting big frye well with his board snatching skills and his midrange game.

Thing is getting a shooting guard in the draft would have ment were rubuilding because every 2g in the draft needed develoment if they were to lead a playoff caliber team. young scorer on a team that intends to get better in rebouding and size and alreadys has good offense isnt what we need if were just retooling. and scorer is something well get in the offseason and maybe a backup pg , im still high that with an offseason brooks will be fine. With the addition of thompson to our rotation that make a very balaced frontcourct thats a contenter in our division and out west. Gortat size and defense. Frye unstoppable Range and new post game, And Morris an almost raw hybrid of both whose young and has more" upside than most think.  if we can ship out warrick peachs and or chilly for a SG or back PG or sign a proven scoring Guard like Crawford , Jrich (jamal Crawford highest on my List

then well have a squad. not saying champion ship but look at what dallas did. Balance and the right amount of vetrans can go far. And most of all our bench will be a force again

PHX 2012 


Jcraw or jrich/ chilly or new 2


GortatFrye/Morris rotating the bigs. like Lakers do with pau bynum and odom

We are a few minimal changes from being back to playoff form. to much change will kill chemistry but move around some small parts and give and offseason to mesh and we will be back for a run or 2 after that if we dont succeed then im say blow it up but you cant fault the team for believing. I believe and im ready

sorry if it was long but had to get that in there

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