Suns lineups of crushed hopes and wasted potentials

I really can't think of a more creative title for this post. This is actually meant for fun and I'm bored and the lockout is inevitable...

As the draft season ends and all the picks have been made, the focus now turns to the undrafted guys who could be hidden gems for a very lucky team. Guys like these make up the team's lineup for the Summer League (which won't happen this season due to the lockout). If lucky, the potentials will be given a chance to prove their worth in the pre-season (which might also not happen). Eventually, most of these potentials end up in the D-League. Some are lucky to be stuck with the team for the season (like Silo) to become sparring partners for the more established players. Some are very lucky because of upside and are eventually given a contract (Zabian).

There are undrafted guys who will be loved by the fans because of work ethic and drive (Silo). There are also others whose potentials are wasted due to lack of effort (Clark). Well, even lottery and draft picks can be wasted potentials. There are others who are one hit wonders in the Summer League but really didn't pan out for the season (Janning). There are others who found opportunities other than the NBA (Collins). And lastly, there are guys in the D-League (Reynolds, Jones).

There are also free agent signings who didn't quite turn out to provide what is expected of them. Others I think are just rotation fillers (Swift) but some are really hopeful that these kinds of acquisitions turn out well.

The point of the post is to post your own lineup of crushed hopes and wasted potentials, of guys in the D-League that could have been okay with one season on the team, with one hit wonders who eventually didn't pan out, with guys who found better opportunities outside the big league, with free agency signings that failed to reach our expectations...

The unfamiliar the names, the better. I like to be educated on the Suns history especially in the 90s and early 2000s.

This is my own lineup

PG: Scottie Reynolds (Undrafted All-American? I say give him a chance.)

SG: Matt Janning (One hit wonder. Or is he not?)

SF: Earl Clark (Wasted potential but starting to get on his own. He's bad for the team anyhow.)

PF: Dwayne Jones (Rebounding stud?)

C: Dwayne Collins (I think Semi Erden, a fellow 60th pick, made it in Boston's rotation.)

I don't meant this to be a create your worst Suns lineup post. Just think of the lineups as the fab 5 or upside 5 or promising 5 who will eventually disappoint you.

Post your lineups in the comments...

because you're bored and the lockout will be loooooooooooong.

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