A Solid Roster for Next Season, Who We Should Keep, and Who We Shouldn't

The Top 8 Players We Should Keep


Steve Nash- No description needed


Grant Hill- One of our top defenders, wisest player, and despite his age, is an overall great player.


Marcin Gortat- A GREAT defender inside, with little offensive skill but massive offensive potential and through camps and practices, will grow into an elite center.


Channing Frye- Our best FTW person who could shoot the three consistently, open the floor for our "In The Paint" offense, and is growing defensively, and is getting better in the inside offensively.


Jared Dudley- One of our major sparks off the bench who can shoot the three, jumpshot, play defense, and hopefully by next year be able to become a better inside player.


Aaron Brooks- Our super scoring spark off the bench that fills the hole that Leandro left when he left. Aaron Brooks can become the 09-10 MIP version again with hard work and confidence.


Markieff Morris- A rookie with alot of potential to become a great shooter, inside presence, and a great defensive player, exactly what this team needs. It will take time for him to develop though, probably about a year or so.


Zabian Dowdell- I know many of you won't agree but I really like Zabian, he has the defensive presence for the point which we have needed, he's really fast, and if he could score he would be an amazing backup point and possibly even starter when Nash retires.


Gani Lawal- Could develop and be an amazing player, or could flop and be horrible, we will wait and see.


Two Players I'm Iffy About


Josh Childress- A player that didn't get his playing time last season has a lot to prove. If he is the same defensive minded, ball handler, and is decent on offense that our FO saw in him, we should keep him.


Hakim Warrick- I know a lot of you guys are gonna be hatin on me for this but I see potential in Hak, he can shoot mid range decently, we know he can score (from his outbreak nights), if he learns to stop dunking from five feet out and actually do jumpshots or layups and if he works on his defense, can be a great player over time... But that's a lot of if's and we don't have much time if we want Nash to get a ring.


One Player I Don't Know Much About But Probably Should Go


Garret Siler


Three Players That Are On Their Way Out Of PHX


Mickael Pietrus- He's a good defender but didn't do good for our offense, he actually made it worse by jacking up his missed threes. He obviously doesn't like it in PHX, so he probably would get traded soon.


Vince Carter- Hate's it here, want's a ring, and no other description needed.


Robin Lopez- He has potential but is gonna take way too long to be a good player, maybe in like 5,6 years he would be a good center but we don't have the time if we want to put together a championship team.


Who We Should Trade For and Sign


Josh Smith- A great offensive presence, can run the PnR, can shoot three's (not too well though), an AMAZING defensive player, and a great fit for us. I always have thought of him as a better defending version of Amar'e but Smith still isn't as good offensively as Amar'e was.


The Trade We send MP and FROLO to Atl for Smith. Atl would do this bc they like Horford more so they want to listen to his desire to move to PF, so would need a center besides ZAZA and would like to have a good defender in Pietrus.


To Sign


J Rich- to provide his offensive ability for us and is an amazing player.


NeNE- He would be really hard to get but he would be amazing for us, he is ok offensively but is a great defensive player. We would be really lucky to get him.


If all works out, this is our 2011-2012 Roster

PG: Nash, Brooks, Dowdell

SG:J Rich, J Duds

SF:Hill, Chilly, maybe Markieff

PF:Smith, Frye, Warrick, maybe Markieff

C:Nene, Gortat

An AMAZING team (to me)

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