Suns/Wolves Trade Proposal. Is it Good for Both Teams?

Hello there Suns fans, me and some of my fellow Wolves fans have been looking at the Suns roster and feel as though these two teams would make good trade partners. Both teams seem to have some players that would be better served on the other team.

Here is the proposal I came up with and then I'll explain Why I think it works:

Channing Frye & Shannon Brown


Wesley Johnson, Nikola Pekovic, & Martell Webster

For the Wolves, it is simple, they get 2 players at positions of great need. Frye would be a big help at center as Darko is the only guy on our roster who isn't hurt that can play there reasonably well. We have been resorting to a lot of smallball lineups with Love or Tolliver at center because Darko is so inconsistent and useless on the offensive end. Frye's ability to shoot 3s would fit in well with our team. Shannon Brown has been off to a pretty terrible start, but he's better than what the Wolves have right now. If the necromancers on your medical staff can keep Michael Redd healthy, Brown is going to be playing a much reduced role and probably won't be happy about it either.

For the Suns, a lot of the appeal from my point of view is getting rid of Frye's contract. It's only a matter of time before Morris takes his spot in the starting lineup and both Lopez and Warrick seem to be capable backups. $6 million is a lot of money to pay a backup and doing this trade would also allow the Suns to save $6.4 million owed in 2013-14 and $6.8 million owed in 2014-2015. As for the players you'll be picking up, Wes Johnson is still (fairly) young. He's been a big disappointment and has confidence issues, but all the physical tools are there to be a solid role player and he has a nice looking shot even if he doesn't make too many of them lol. Nikola Pekovic is a very skilled low post scorer, but hasn't really adjusted to the NBA and fouls way too much. He's hopelessly buried on our bench behind all of our PFs whereas on almost any other team I think he would be getting minutes and a chance to prove himself. Martell Webster is one of the best 3 pointer shooters in the league and a solid defender, the only problem is that he's ALWAYS hurt. With the gaping hole the Wolves have at SG, we don't have time to sit around and wait on him to (maybe) get healthy. We need help now. If anyone can fix Webster's back, it's the Suns medical staff with their dark arts and if it doesn't work out he is an expiring contract as his salary next season is almost completely unguaranteed.

This is just one proposal, there are also other ways to make it work as the Wolves and Suns rosters work pretty well together in a trade. I know you guys are looking for a PG and Luke Ridnour could help out there, but we'd probably have to get something more in return because he's pretty good and has been valuable to us with JJ Barea out with injuries. Let me know what you think in the comments and good luck this season!

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